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  1. LFG is dead on DN asmo server last night and today. Players are too scared to PUG runs because they don't want to waste candies so everyone is waiting and hoping for enough friends to be online at the same time to run things with ppl they trust so no one misses out on the Event. Ncwest, this is stupid! You're literally making people not play your game with this disaster. Fix it. FIX IT NOW! @Loki @Kibbelz
  2. Heck even our event right now is solo player orientated. You can only loot one event quest item per player, not for the entire group. The kill quests are solo kills only, not group or alliance friendly. They could easily fix lots of these things, example increase the group unity benefits for XP/AP. Go back to everyone in an instance gets a loot box. Make it so GP is only given to members of groups/alliance/league or give a bonus GP for being grouped up.
  3. You guys are seriously doing a P2W event like that.... As for that siege time change, you're freaking dumb! (Make it earlier not later!)
  4. Logged in yesterday to check out the new patch and was excited for the BCM stigma event but I couldn't even talk to half the NPCs because of the lag, decided to just do Lunas instead...but then I couldn't even loot the tissue quest item off the last boss because of the lag. I'm not logging back in or buying Ncoin until it's fixed.
  5. This...This is the answer we want!
  6. +1 to this... very annoying trying to find any form of info concerning Aion
  7. Did 3 S ranks last week and this week and never saw an Omega as well.....
  8. I've fought with the NCsupport and they still claim: "Upon checking the bid history of your Mansion, we have verified that you win it for 117,600,000 Kinah last July 10, 2017. Therefore the calculations of the compensation is correct." I have sent them these screen shots showing I purchased the mansion No 10 Spring Hill Village on Tiamat Server September 18th 2016. As far as I can recall I never lost the mansion, I always would login last minute and pay the rent, but they claim they have double checked and they think they have compensated me the correct amount. I am completely co
  9. So it took me a while of going through ALOT of screen shots, but I figured out how NCsoft screwed this all up for those that didn't get the full amounts back for their housing (Myself included). If you ever missed a payment or waited till the last minute to pay your "rent" and got a notification in your in-game mail about it, that last notification is the date they are using for your "Home purchase" date.... And then they just assume you purchased it for the minimum price for some reason (I think it's because in their system it lists the house for sale as a foreclosure but once you pay yo
  10. I paid over a bil for my mansion, only got 125mil back... kinda pissed
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