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  1. I am so tired of Besh, but I know when we get noobies I'll be all "BACK IN MY DAY!"
  2. If I ever play my alt Elohssa, I don't think I'll last long.
  3. Accounts are free, and if your computer can handle it, dualboxing is possible, so /shrug.
  4. One per server, I have characters on two servers and I got the survey on both servers.
  5. I have a ton of alts so I made a legion to trade stuff in between through the legion warehouse; crafting mats and stuff. I just can't stand an empty character slot and I wanted to give all the classes a try too. Toxic is just neurotic ol' me, not a bot legion!
  6. They should include Luna bundles in the instance chests after you complete them 7x, and as event rewards. XC
  7. Aren't most costumes for skinning now able to be registered in the Luna wardrobe anyway? I mean, you do have to buy Luna to open slots and reapply skins, but at least you can reuse the skins. I know I added a few costumes that said "can only be used once" to my Luna wardrobe.
  8. *bangs fists on table* GIVE ME SOLORIUS BUNDLES GIVE ME SOLORIUS BUNDLES Also, I want that fungi cabinet.
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