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  1. I didn't get banned lol It amuses me how you assume stuff that is simply not factual. Now you all worked up
  2. I looked you up you one of those OMG i got killed """HACKERZZZZZ"""" OMG NCSOFT DO SUMFIN !! OMG NCSOFT DOES NUFFIN ...BOOHOO Quit now, you are no good at this K?
  3. You won't find me QQ in forums about hacks because I got pvp. Unlike 99% threads so and so is a hacker armed as only proof is that they got owned . Give me break, most of these ppl will quit in 3 month saying its because of hackers. They will like now, QQ they heart content how NCsoft should do something. ITS PATHETIC Tall poppy syndrome ... lol You probly one of those
  4. Actually a reasonable person amongst this mob frothing at the mouth. The sad thing is that most of the Ncsoft ban cheer wagon will still get killed and in a week they will demand banning more ppl because, they hack, cause they have more khina, whatever. I think its the sadest part.
  5. I find a rock in the abyss full of asmo kisk and ranked elys farming alts. I kill all elys make 20k ap, come back 2 hours later kill em again At what point do you think Ncsoft bans me for "ap trading" Even though I wasn't really, how can they tell the difference? Do they even care at this point because they need to prove they doing "the right thing"
  6. I am just trying to comply with the term used. But hey If Ncsoft want to ban everybody who has committed the infraction, just go right ahead. There is no process transparency, and that is what bother me the most.
  7. No I didn't I just don't participate on small issues. Would ne funny if I was baned though since my entire ap gear is a 30 e ring Rofl
  8. I am defending those who were not intentionally trading and got banned or where the ap was insignificant. Simply because they no longer have a voice. I am defending the poor sucker who got ban in SR for some idiotic re-entry issue.
  9. Wait... So, there is an event and it doesn't work? And you guys have your hands on a perma ban button? ROFL
  10. Non abyss items are unrelated to AP trading.
  11. What if someone give their stuff to you and you get banned.
  12. I read the SR thread, this appalling NCSoft, is it just stupidity on your part or total incompetence? And 2 weeks later you do the exact same thing over AP trading? I think you have some serious issues not caring how many innocent flags are prompting bans. You are single handedly killing the game. Keep at it and it will be dead by the time 1.5 comes out BTW I haven't logged in a week maybe I am baned for something too...maybe the single Sr I ever ran by re entering after quest TI? Hopeless.
  13. A lot of ppl assume their opponent hack or isnt legit in some way simply because they lost . I lost , this guy is a hacker. I lost this guy has gear and I haven't he is an ap trader. Most of these guys are playing am awful lot , dont quest , get up at 6 to run 2 DC and Adma and farm non stop. They didn't buy loot rights for their weapons . Just not in the same league . You are going to have lo live with that . But then if enough QQ i guess they will be banned as well.
  14. This ban wave is a fiasco . I hold no faith on the appeal process either. All this, is a gigantic PR nyerkup They actually banned ppl who farmed hundreds upon hundreds of hours for may be a temporary laps in judgement. Yes they should be punished but a perma ban should only be in the rarer of cases and hold absolute certainty of intent and scale
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