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  1. Random question but how do you get medals at sieges? The last 3 I attended my faction either successfully took or defended a fort from either opposite faction or balaur. I actively participated and was in range to get AP during the siege from killing an opposite faction or balaur but I'm still not getting medals in the mail. If anyone can shine some light on this, that would be great. Thanks.
  2. I swear. Another person that didn't read. Bots are NOT the issue here. Stop cutting off your nose to spite your face...
  3. That's very narrow thinking. The bots are farming regardless of the 1 hour Aura where the majority of their kinah gain is from NPC'ing white/green items. Do bots even directly effect your gameplay? Aside from the LFG spam, the answer is no. The bots aren't the issue. The players buying kinah is the issue. If players stopped purchasing, then bot farms would never invest their time into this. It is unfortunate but bots are here to stay, just like it is in Aion Korea or ANY other mmorpg. And if you think otherwise, then you're delusional. As for the p2w, I assume you're referring to candies,
  4. Can we address the elephant in the room? And that is the mediocre number of players on NA servers provided by https://myaion.eu/. What is keeping players offline? My hypothesis is Siel’s Aura and their restrictions and how it offers zero motivation to remain on the server after the 1-hour Aura is gone. Let us try and think clearly for once here. Players login for an hour, solo grind then logs off. Or they stay logged off until their friends to login to do something, so they do not “waste” the 1-hour Aura, then log off. Those people “saving” their Aura is time they could have been spending
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