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  1. I would like to told you, don't take that risk! I believe that u will be feel worse when account get blocked after playing for 1-2 month😁
  2. that's what I'm thinking. Server located in North US does not means people are banned from out of US
  3. I don't know. The priority is unlock my account and IP address by customer support they should do that
  4. It's not about server or lag, it's IP blocked
  5. https://imgur.com/Wwm0ZYE https://imgur.com/l0ftGKP https://imgur.com/Wwm0ZYE https://imgur.com/l0ftGKP
  6. I was enjoy the game before the Classic comes , suddenly this appears exitlag has been used for the bad network connection cause I'm in West Australia, 18000 km distance from Perth to VA !!!! This is unbelievable and unacceptable
  7. u can only have capital letter for the 1st one
  8. come on!!! Someone just took my name
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