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  1. On 6/29/2021 at 3:50 AM, Rastekkel said:

    Because throwing away entire contintents is in the best interest of a company? How is this even a question lmao. 

    Again, why would an NA company change for an audience that isn't their target? 

    On 6/29/2021 at 3:27 AM, Alvie said:

    Australia is part of the NCsoft West area of responsibility. 

    No it's not

    NA means North America and last time I checked, Australia isn't part of North America. Just because a region doesn't have something doesn't mean it's automatically is the responsibility of the NA region. It means you deal with NA times or play something else. 

    It's funny cause these same people would never go to a Korean server (or any other region) and demand they cater to them. NA does not automatically = global even if they allow other people (just like KR,JP, and EU servers will) to log in. Unless it says "global" don't assume other wise.

  2. On 6/22/2021 at 9:50 PM, 1s6F174 said:

    terrible time choices. what about  users outside of UTC-EDT ?(the other ~80% of the globe)

    AEST aus : 8am-3pm

    NZ:6am -1pm.

    my 9-5 workmates wont be playing cause IRL comes first.

    last time an oceanic server was created to solve this issue can you  do something for this region?

    why only 7 hours in a global game ?
    make the vulnerability rotating +1 hour for next  vulnerability,  So  every 24 times the cycle completes, everyone gets fair access to sieges regardless of location.

    Why would a NA company, with NA servers, targeted towards the NA playerbase and NA employees accommodate non NA players?

  3. 22 minutes ago, Guest foveras said:

    So you are saying that if NCsoft decides to sell kinah straight to the players would be fine since bots also selling right?  Bullshit, some people buying curency  from bots its there in all games but the amount of people doing its way less than the ones who will buy an official item like those candies. 

    Dude, people make an actual living off selling gold in mmos. I have a friend that makes 5k a month selling ffxiv gold, LOADS of people buy gold, some even buy both. I feel like it's a minority now a days that won't buy gold. 

    However I don't think either one is ok. 

  4. 6 minutes ago, Kubei-DN said:

    Part of their frustration is that the sub costs too much where they reside and ask a payment method that would be suitable for them. 

    To some, the free trial is an insult and ridiculous, and many would've preferred a model that's fully subscription rather than allowing the 1 hour free trial. If you take a quick look at some of the threads, you'll see quite a lot regarding disagreements on the model.

    Current issue at hand are the candies. Some people in discord say Korea rolled back the servers to fix this, and we were supposed to get the fixed version as well. If NCWest doesn't react now, then it can result in many issues in the long run.

    Conversion rates being wonky for certain countries have always been. I don't see why people in those countries keep trying to play on NA/Western mmos if they can't afford it, play what you have. 

    At times when I dont want to pay a sub I don't play p2p games and I've some how lived and haven't died. 

    The free trial is ridiculous but I think it's because originally Aion was p2p, they should just do a free trial to like level 10 or something and call it a day.

    If they roll back but dont remove the kinah, it doesnt change anything. Might as well spend $4 now. 

  5. 1 minute ago, Asseylum-DN said:

    Guest Daggamie-DN


    Posted Monday at 07:31 PM

    Damn man, i'm sick of ppl qqing about the subscription wich is very fine. Hey you all who cry because Aion classic is subscription. If you are unable go play the live one.


    Ho sorry you find the live one too much P2W? Sorry but get out, we want to keep Aion classic clean with no P2W item and for that it need subscription model. Deal with it.You pay, play in the trial or  get out. Its not our fault if your money is greatly inferior to the US, we don't have to lose the quality of the game like what happened when aion live goes free to play.






    Posted in my topic by some xenophobic person, this just made me sad when he posted, but now just make me laugh already, I wish he would be in this topic to read this :)))))))))))))))))))))


    That quote is irrelevant to completely everything. 

    It sounds like you just want to complain that people don't want to play with BRs. 

  6. Just now, IceAge said:

    No, we want the normal experience NcSoft has said we will have. When we don't have it, of course we will "cry". Is not like we "cry" with no reason.

    Anyway, speaking for nothing.

    NCSoft has ALWAYS been p2w this is the "normal" experience when dealing with them, so you're crying for no reason. You'd have to actual be brain dead to think they wouldn't pull something like this. 

  7. Just now, Kubei-DN said:

    If they can't afford the sub, how would they be able to afford $4.

    I had no clue they couldn't afford the sub.

    If they cant afford the sub there's tons of other actual free to play mmos cause lets be real, the trial here is insulting and you're better off paying $15 or not playing at all. 

  8. 7 minutes ago, Asseylum-DN said:

    What bothers me is the fact that GM "Fixed" reducing 300k to 100k and it is EVEN WRITTEN ON DESCRIPTION that the item is supposed to be sold for 100k!!!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE! 100K for a single candy, where paid daevas get MANY. 100K ON CLASSIC IS A SMALL FORTUNE AT BEGINING.

    So just buy the candies, it's like $4

  9. Just now, 5s16519C said:

    Language doesn't really determine the ability to formulate an opinion, but sick burn bro.
    Keep yelling at those clouds.

    ...It actually does, if someone is posting something in a language I don't understand with nuances I don't understand...how can I form an opinion? 

    Lmao dude just stop, you're embarrassing yourself it's sad. 

  10. 1 minute ago, 5s16519C said:

    And you're being belligerent over still unverified accusations, which even if true, still don't reflect on the employee whatsoever.  Continue to yell at the clouds, man.

    It's really clear English is not your first language. Talk to me when you have a better understanding, I'm not going to go over basic baby words, you shouldn't even have the opinion you have if you can't understand basic English. 

  11. 6 minutes ago, 5s16519C said:

    So an employee is in a Discord where someone says something offensive, allegedly, without any proof, and you want to start a witch hunt.

    My goodness I have no words.

    You have trouble reading and comprehending don't you? 



     if actual racist stuff is going on and there's a verified legit NCSoft employee around racism, it makes it look like NCSoft is ok with racist behavior. 

    Learn what "if" means and what it implies and how it's used in an English sentence, thanks. 😊

    My goodness, I have no words. 

    Also, again, the implications of being around that stuff and what it implies for the company is why gaming companies have their own official discord servers 99% of the time. It's because what's going on in other servers can't be controlled but being active in those places does imply you're ok with said behavior. It also causes confusion like OP thinking it was an official server since there's a NCSoft employee in there. 

  12. 2 hours ago, Arazith said:

    There is a ton of misunderstanding of the facts here in your post. 

    -NCsoft staff was in no way involved, and the CM hadn't even been logged in all weekend anyways

    -There is no proof of what the OP is accusing, people are innocent until proven guilty.

    -If actual racism did happen, there would be a lot more people bringing attention to this, gamers are a lot more diverse than they used to be.

    -Until there is any evidence please don't make any assumptions. 

    I tried to include my reply to this in my other post but the forums bugged out?



    NCsoft staff was in no way involved, and the CM hadn't even been logged in all weekend anyways

    I never said they did, re read the post, in fact I stated NCSoft employees BEING AROUND and in a racist environment shows they're ok with racism. Here's the actual quote



     if actual racist stuff is going on and there's a verified legit NCSoft employee around racism, it makes it look like NCSoft is ok with racist behavior. 

    Also, note how I said "IF" meaning I'm not saying it did happen, my entire point is with how racist gamers are it's not entirely impossible or something far fetched. Learn to read please. 

    Also how people would respond if something racist was stated is completely irrelevent and doesn't mean anything. With Archeage, a Gamigo employee said the N word (there's actual proof and she was fired) and the only people upset/bothered were black gamers. All the other gamers said it was a joke and to not take it seriously, so no, if something happened I truly don't believe gamers or more people would do anything about it.

    Hell there's people in this thread acting as if it's tiring when minorities bring up racism calling it "playing the race card". 

  13. 2 hours ago, 5s16519C said:

    Except it's not an NC employee, is it.
    Their claim is that an official Aion Classic Discord server (Incorrect) had an Admin use racism as a vehicle for mistreatment and removal from the Discord server and that because Kibblez is in the server, he's responsible for this (Incorrect) and that NC needs to get their lawyers involved (Incorrect) because ultimately this is NC's issue now (Incorrect).  

    A random community member, who is not in any way affiliated with the game or company beyond being a player and a private community organizer, is apparently racist.  That's awful, and 100000% not NC's problem.  By all means, expose the server and its people for what they are.  This really does not involve or incriminate NC in the slightest, and until the rhetoric stops being about this bonkers idea that somehow Kibblez is to blame, this entire thread is going to be met with justifiable pushback.

    Still waiting for proof, too.

    You didn't read anything that was stated did you?



    Their claim is that an official Aion Classic Discord server (Incorrect) had an Admin use racism as a vehicle for mistreatment and removal from the Discord server and that because Kibblez is in the server

    No one said this, even in my post I stated if there's a legit NCSoft employee AROUND people that are saying racist stuff and IN a racist environment that's not a good look. The OP thought it was an official discord server but it's not, that's the only thing. Which is irrelevant if there's...again...actual employees in a racist environment. 

    Learn to read and comprehend what's being said before talking out the side of your neck. 

  14. Honestly the way a lot of you guys are sweeping racism under the rug because "be glad the CM is doing their job" is actually...really pathetic and sad. 

    NCSoft having awful employees should be irrelevant of everything with this situation. Then those of you that are automatically going "oh look the race card"...yeah you're part of the problem and actually makes the situation believable. Gamers are notoriously racist, I've been rejected from guilds before because of my race. 

    However I get what the OP is saying, if actual racist stuff is going on and there's a verified legit NCSoft employee around racism, it makes it look like NCSoft is ok with racist behavior. This is why most game companies have their own discord servers with their own staff, if NCSoft can't be bothered to provide something simple and free then do I really need to give them my money? 

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