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  1. Don't mean to try and take anything you're saying out of context; formatting is mine just to narrow focus on what I want to comment on. This is actually turning out to be a bit of a grey area. I did screenshot and report, and from my conversation with the GMs (which I can screencap and show you), while screenshots of swears etc might be best to report, things of this nature - overarching issues with the governor and second in command - is actually best dealt with on the forums. I don't know the mechanics of everything, but I was told that the forums are the best way to get in touch with game devs, who are the ones that can actually address the issue. I agree 110% that posts on the forums should be limited to facts, and screenshots should be included wherever possible. But, as someone who actually did send in a ticket about behavior issues and harassing behavior from people who were insisting, by staying lead in the coaltion despite numerous other experienced officers offering, very politely, to lead instead... and then actively insulting the people sieging while refusing to do anything other than afk, thereby making it incredibly difficult for any cohesive in-siege leadership to form and communicate with the rest of the faction - I'm going to do what the GMs told me to do, and continue posting in the forums when I have an issue with what's going on. Again, more than willing to provide screenshots of the info I got from the GMs, I was surprised too.
  2. Denaria needs a new Gov

    From what I could gather at yesterday's siege, Mochi/Poco were basically tricked out of the Kysis coalition. People left en masse just before the siege started, about 300 people - before that, one of the two (I really can't remember) were lead. Lead was passed to what I heard but can't confirm as one of their alts. And then once they left, everyone swarmed back into that coalition and Covergirl had lead. I'm really new to the entire coalition system and don't have a full grip on what happened, but either Mochi/Poco were kicking everyone or everyone agreed to leave and come back. I remember not seeing a notification that lead had been passed, though. Siege before that, however, had people downright begging for Mochi/Poco to pass lead, very respectfully, and being denied. Choosing not to be optimistic here. >.>;
  3. That's promising. I can get making a decision like this taking time. Just means taking screencaps and giving detailed descriptions whenever possible that much more important I guess.
  4. Thanks! Just replied as well. I don't want to think that the ticket still being open means too much; it seems more along the lines of it being an issue that's not so cut-and-dry as not receiving loot off a boss or something similar. Hopefully they'll be able to point us in a better direction than the forums. I don't want to spam in here too often, but I'm concerned a few good sieges will have everyone complacent and less likely to raise a ruckus when the issues start up again.
  5. Sent in a ticket after yesterday's (not today's) seige, and just got this in reply: Confused and frustrated. Is this what y'all on KR had to deal with?
  6. Post your Aion character!

    My main on my other account, Elyndora. Got real lucky grabbing this screen cap from the Archdaeva cutscenes <3
  7. Denaria needs a new Gov

    Haha. As an Elyos that's played on Elyos dominated servers since 2010, I don't mind losing for a while, y'all need a bit to enjoy. The only thing that upsets me about all this nonsense is being insulted by the governor. Don't feel like being called a peon in coalition chat when I'm out to have a good time and killing some furbacks. >.>