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  1. Day 1: NCsoft had a cash shop that enabled people to buy kinah directly from the company and get large quantities of coins, Enchantment Stones, and Manastones for faster gear progression. This made them stronger and level faster than those who did not buy the Daeva Pass/Candies. (Cheating) -> Result: People quit the game in mass. Steel Rake Exploit: People got banned for 7 days and kept the kinah they made. Some brag about keeping the 700m and upward to 2b kinah. Hackers using radar to find players in the abyss for easy AP gains. Hackers using animation hacks to kill people easie
  2. But it is. There are actual rewards that give level 50-80 enchantment stones and green manastones. Also, it's 400 of each coin type. I like how you try to argue that it's not when you don't even have the basic information required to argue this. Why are you even trying when you don't know anything?
  3. Daeva pass. I didn't read the rest of your rubbish post because you clearly are clueless.
  4. "Aion Classic isn't as P2W as other games; therefore, it's not a big deal. Here, look at Rappelz, a game nobody plays, it's very P2W" Every bad game is P2W. Nobody plays that shit. You'll argue that the P2W in Aion Classic isn't bad because you can't buy the best gear, but to get the end-game gear, you need to grind AP. To get AP, you need to PvP/protect yourself from being PvPed while you PvE. You won't do that in Fire Temple blue gear when you're facing a person in max enchanted, best manastones, 46 Platinum Coin gear in the first week. The gear gap from a P2W player and a sub only play
  5. I don't remember which patch when they made the faction racial skills the same, but a lot of people will go asmo because they have better skills. Having equal racials will be more balanced.
  6. How do we get gold medals?
  7. I don't know why you wasted your time writing up this thread. NCsoft will not read it nor care if they actually do. There already is p2w in the classic. It's called the daeva pass.
  8. I like the business model. It helps all 3 types of players. Free players get to play for free 1 hour a day. People who want the subscription get to pay their $15/month. People like me (p2w) players get to make a lot of accounts and pay for the daeva pass.
  9. Will there ever be racial skill difference balancing or will asmodians to eliminate faction imbalance?
  10. Considering there is a CM in the discord server and has rank and privileges to go with it, where they fulfil parts of their job in that discord. That makes the server official.
  11. The administrators of the official Aion Classic discord were openly racist against my friends and I. He called us the N-word and banned all of us from the server. I don't know why NCsoft thinks this is acceptable behavior from their admins in their official discord server.
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