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  1. Dude, you're actually just projecting all over the place at this point. I know people liked to generalize that "everyone" AP traded, because we saw how many people did, but obviously a large portion of the playerbase did not stoop down to cheating. A lot of us actually play this game because the grind is fun and part of the reason why you feel accomplished after grinding to obtain your gear. And what's despicable? The fact that they banned people for teleport hacking in a dungeon? It doesn't matter how "irrelevant" something is, if you do something that breaks the rules at level 10 or at m
  2. Size of the offense in my eyes does not matter. Did they break the rules? If yes, and they were stripped and punished, even if all of their gear was taken and only some were acquired thru cheating, that's good. Everyone that breaks the rules know that they can get banned for the offense (since NC stated that they do not allow this), so they're taking a risk regardless of whether they only did it once or multiple times. Trying to focus on the size of the offense is just nit-picking to try to distract from the bigger picture which is; NC is finally banning people breaking the rules. That's what
  3. Like I said, this is only the first ban wave, they didn't get everyone in it yet. And again, if you're upset that minor offenders got punished (as per the rules) then I don't know what to tell you. A rule break is a rule break. Just because one person traded less than the next doesn't mean that that person should get away scot free. Saying "everyone traded" is not a defense, it's just admission of guilt. And if you legitimately never AP traded, not even once, and you got caught up in the wave, you're obviously free to send in an appeal. But if you did, however minor it was in your eyes, fac
  4. Thank you for the first real update. Hopefully this means NC will continue to enforce these rules and not just punish a few people as an example. I guess the next few weeks will be the deciding factor whether a lot of us will be returning back to the game or not.
  5. They're not perma banning every AP trader, just the worst offenders. The rest are getting their AP items stripped, and a temporary ban. Which is more than fair imo. You seem to be getting upset with the fact that they finally enforced their own rules, which as a player makes no sense, unless you participated in rule breaking. I don't want to play a game infested with cheaters, and a lot of people agree with this since it was obvious how many of us quit when there was no rule enforcement for the past month. This might be the first time I'm thinking about maybe playing the game again if they'
  6. So you're saying they did AP trade at some point? I'm not sure what you're trying to defend in that case. Just because you see other people cheating, does not give you the right to do the same.
  7. They said this is the first ban wave, so not everyone got the punishment yet. Also do you have any proof that people who farmed guards legit got a ban/strip?
  8. Retail had enough numbers all the way up till 4.x (after which I quit so I can't say anything after). And I find it fun trying to compete for a limited resource, but I know I might be in the minority here. Again it boils down to wanting a sense of achievement in anything gained in the game. If the resource is too easy to obtain without any competition at all, it gets boring fast. Most Western audience dislikes games that do this in general, preferring ease of access and instant gratification instead, which is also reflected in mmorpg's not being very popular in the West to begin with. But A
  9. I personally disagree with the GP system or that AP needs to be boosted in some way. One of the reasons this game is so fun (where other mmo's since have lacked in) is the heavy emphasis on the grind aspect. It keeps you invested for a long time, and anything that you get gear-wise feels like an actual accomplishment since you did have to put some work and time into it. And that's the true reason why AP trading is so infuriating. It destroys one of the core features this game provides that makes it worth playing.
  10. That entirely ruins the entire grind aspect of the game, which is one of the core foundations behind it.
  11. Dredge is not a fix for the current state of AP trading. As you might've forgotten, you're going to have to go against the AP traders in matches, and since they severely out-gear you, your chances of winning are slim. Meaning that AP traders will on average win a lot more matches than legit players, and so the disparity between the two will only rise higher. Without stripping AP traders people won't be satisfied, or happy. Some may return when 1.5 is released, but once they're bitterly reminded of why they left in the first place, and that nothing has changed since their hiatus, the numbers
  12. I honestly think they're just throwing stuff our way to try and distract us with something in hopes that we'll forget about the AP trading, so they don't have to do anything about it. Kind of hard to ignore something that is literally breaking the game and making half the population quit tho.
  13. ^ This was the official response today. After basically being forced to say something. It literally says nothing. We don't know whether they even have a plan, or are doing anything about it, and most likely are not, considering this is the response we get after like 10 days.
  14. "This is to avoid exploitation" Clearly NC cares a lot about exploitation, that's why they're focusing on the biggest problem people have been bringing up and has been killing the player base, not on entirely random things that don't disturb the balance in whatever way right?
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