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  1. All this rampant ap trading and massive hacking/botting issues going unpunished and you’re worried about this man? this client hasn’t been fixed/changed/updated for years and never will be: the bugs in this game will exist forever and ever Amen. but seriously no one cares enough about this. Lure him and kill him there. Drop rates are so nyerked anyways so the real battle is RNG not the fight itself.
  2. Not sure why people are waiting to see what will be done with AP traders. The current amount of actions speak loudly enough. I am literally nyerking seeing people who have been caught AP trading still logged in. MRzzfish or whatever caught on camera today literally hacking is chatting in LFG right as of this moment. Like - Cmon people Kinah is overinflated, economy isnt awful, but doing anything legitimate in game to gather kinah to do enhancing etc is just worthless right now. Communication is so nyerk poor and pathetic, with all of the false bans etc lol why would yo
  3. Normally I wouldn't complain so hard that the game has likely been sent to its early grave but I really can't avoid the red flags ( I didn't avoid them before but they're even more prevalent now) I have no problem playing a game with even anything less than 1000 players logged in during a day, but it's GLARING how much of a deserted wasteland this game has become vs a couple months ago on release. Yikes! Not releasing 1.5 was a big mistake here, but even that was likely to not recover player count enough, just retain maybe the medium sized player count of dedicated players.
  4. A lot of methods to develop kinah in game that don't rely on LR or RNG drops are not strong contenders in generating wealth anymore unless youre willing to dedicate hours to it.
  5. The game is really becoming out of reach nowadays. Inflation is really killing a lot of things. Inflation PLUS Lack of population is really killing profit margins from gathering and crafting. Aethertapping almost essentially useless without putting hours of hard work into it for a few million an hour. Most huge players are working with +10-15 Trio fusions and enchanting that is a massive feat (nearly impossible) without RMT.
  6. The truth is, merging the servers isn't too early nor too late, but won't save the sentiment toward the game. I am not saying Aion Classic is dead here in the NA, but sentiment is so negative. People are quitting the game or getting banned but we are not BRINGING people into the game. I'm afraid future patches likely won't bring that many people back either. Will the servers close tomorrow, or even in the next month? Probably not, but it's very clear that it's downhill from here. Difficult to find enough people for certain content even on Siel. Don't get me wrong I very much
  7. Pretty stupid website jerking himself off. doesnt show global stats - Kill death ratio, AP/kill average or anything whatsoever. For all we know hes died 5 million times just to get those kills. My guess is this guy is just ganking abyss grinders
  8. I have no clue what the shit is going on here lmao. Like, I guess this is your kill tracker? But.... your URL is "no one can win me" which literally doesn't make any sense and is nyerking terrible english. And then...you just came to randomly link it on the forums? lmaoooo What in the cringe
  9. You just need the aura to play the game. The daeva pass is like a battlepass, you must complete the objectives to keep up and unlock the reward. This second battlepass is greatly butchered for new players compared to the first one, I wouldn't recommend buying it at all. Last month we got a lot of coins for really good gear, scrolls and consumables on a fresh start, but most of the consumables you need that will help you out are very cheap now on the broker. It will provide new players not much good use.
  10. Server still down. Says less than an hour, Lasts more than an hour. Still not up. No updates I see 2 people in siel, 1 in Israphel, probably these shit for brain developers trying to get in and test something out.
  11. Tooltip for this skill says that they are feared/slowed all in one skill so you don't have to necessarily use chain of earth on them. However everytime I use this they legit just nyerking speed off. Does this thing even slow??!!
  12. I pretty much live for aion, been waiting for a classic version to drop for years now and this is absolutely the best game ever made, to me. I'm not too concerned with the candies and all of the weird inflation they're causing, it has definitely changed the pace of the game a lot since the original release but so have we, as players since we know everything about the game now. Beyond that a few glaring red flags exist that really snuff out my future enthusiasm for this classic version. 1) lack of communication from developers - Aside from here on the forums Kibbelz, I have yet t
  13. Found the nyerking guy decked out in medals on Elyos Israphel lmfao. Cringe
  14. I don't even play Israphel but what in the nyerk are 4 lodas amulets and the rest of the junk you're giving people gonna do to balance the scales lmao. You guys are stupid and nyerking lazy tbh. You failed to balance correctly .You posted up and down about race locks server locks restrictions and other bullshit and neither servers are even balanced. Siel leans Asmodian, Israphel leans Elyos and you're giving out some nyerking candies and 20% exp? lmao
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