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  1. Well done, doesn't look very reliable yet though
  2. Why no news about the server merge we had a survey on a few weeks ago? Why is there literally 0 communication. It's pretty obvious to anyone that 99% of the population voted yes on that survey.
  3. I think you guys aren't getting it. Forts were never meant to be taken. The fact that Siel West/East are still being taken is clearly a bug and poor game design. Siel-East dux hp will be changed so that it can also never be taken anymore. Thanks @Kibbelz!
  4. They should add this for Commander Bakarma. Kill him 200 times for a guaranteed weapon or something.
  5. What about the merge that was surveyed? Why still no fix for sieges? Broken for so long now.
  6. Is this some kind of joke company? You were supposed to fix this 2 maintenances ago, and still nothing.
  7. Just run DP once per day for 5 scales if you can't afford 20. Problem solved.
  8. I don't believe it. Sounds like a larp. Anyways, it's good that they nerfed the point requirement. Nobody wants to clear easy mobs/minibosses for such a long time. They could make the final fight harder/more interesting though.
  9. I hope they fixed the random 'Disconnected from Server' you get during the Tahabata bossfight.
  10. Is this really a mechanic? One less reason to do flight pvp. I hate the wing-dropping in chases. Flight PvP is horrid.
  11. I'd rather see a DP 'Hard mode' with increased droprates. Not sure why we got this nerfed variant.
  12. Not sure why we have a grind-event anyways. Killing 6000 mobs for 1 skin, no thanks
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