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  1. Write a player support ticket
  2. Bots don't get banned. I know many players that run a bot in theo/brusth when they are sleeping or at work. I have recorded video evidence and made supporttickets of these players months ago. They are still out there doing the same shit 24/7. I could make a video of it to expose NCsoft and their non-existant bot-busting some time.
  3. Completely wrong. These bots are painfully obvious and if you focus on high level areas with the most profitable bots, you could clear entire servers of bots within a few hours manually. Playermods could do it aswell if NCWest really doesnt want to spend a single dollar. The bot problem we have is entirely voluntary and not hard to fix at all. How does that work?
  4. So you are one of those clerics that only heals and doesn't dps and then complains about not being able to min/max. oke lol
  5. Bots are still rampant and not being banned. I don't see a list of banned players released either, unfortunately. My guess is that the amount of APtraders that got punishment is really low, should've easily been 100+ players doing it. It's clear to me that NCWest is extremely understaffed to the point where they can't even hire a simple intern/GM to go around the game every once in a while. Most p servers seem to have way better community communication aswell as better community interaction.
  6. You can't farm AP this patch. Guardfarming is absolutely utter rubbish AP at lvl 50. We are all waiting for dredgion and fort instances over here. APtraders should've all been permabanned tbh
  7. Why not release a list of names that are (perma)banned so that the community knows how much action is being taken? Seeing as how the bots I have been reporting since 2 months ago are still running around freely, this would greatly help to instill some confidence into NCSofts ability monitor their playerbase. Another question, seeing as how bots are not being banned, will there ever be a bot ban-wave just like there has been this APtrader banwave?
  8. I converted my videos to files small enough that they could be attached to the tickets, but I am guessing they never bothered to look at that evidence either then. I also sent in follow-up tickets just like you to ask why the players in question are still not banned and also received an auto-reply. NCWest doesn't care.
  9. How does a 2% flight speed buff shake up PvP in the Abyss? A lot of people have max flight speed already anyways, and even for those who don't: 2% is nothing and doesn't matter. Is this some sort of joke? NCWest the clown-company.
  10. NCWest doesn't do anything with player support tickets. I can login right now and see the bots I reported with added video-evidence a month ago still botting ingame 24/7. Same with hackers, same with APtraders.
  11. Theres ingame GM tools to do just that. Banning a few would set a precedent and make the risk for APtrading too high. The biggest issue is that NC would actually have to care enough to bother doing something like this. Considering they don't even ban the most obvious hackers and bots, my confidence is low. Kibbelz even went around the forums a few days ago saying how 'theres no bot reports pending anymore', 'no bots to investigate' and GMs are going into to the game themselves to find bots since 'nobody is reporting them anymore'. Meanwhile the bots I reported 7 weeks ago
  12. We don't have fort instances, we don't have dredgion. Meanwhile we have people with 300k+ AP in the leaderboards regularly now. APtrading is so nyerking rampant and people are getting ridiculously good gear from it. We need a response on how this issue is being handled because it is ruining the game.
  13. Idk what your issue is buddyboyo. Abusing banrights would risk a permaban on your own account, the account could easily be unbanned later anyways, and it's much less of an issue than the mass botting problem that's out there right now. always ppl like you that either want a 'perfect solution' or no solution at all. Dumbass black/white mindset,
  14. I would come on this forum and provide the ultimate smackdown by posting the proof. People would cheer, everyone would be happy, and aion would thrive.Alternatively you just delete all their topics instantly since this forum isn't the place to ask about ban appeals anyways. The idea that 'because maybe someone at some point will abuse their GMrights to do unjust bans' makes it a bad idea to give players GM rights, is just a sad excuse. The servers are packed with obvious bots and that's of immediate concern above anything else.
  15. Bad suggestion. A GM could clear the server of high level bots in just a few hours. It takes way less time, effort, money to do that than to change droptables. Bots are here because NCsoft refuses to have GMs do manual bans. That's the only issue. They know they can fix the bot issue but they are simply refusing to do it. Probably because a lot of these bots pay siel's aura too.
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