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  1. why it have to be easy now? most of us had to wait for months to have S-Rank... its not our problem if someone started to play 2 days ago or 1 day ago,the process should be the same to everybody that is playing. i also failed 3 times and i kept trying instead of cry on forum lol main problem here is that you all want free stuff and there is nothing free here we all know it everyday is a new complaint on forum,maybe time to try a new game? i think so
  2. They profit in the game but nothing good is done... nothing is enough for them,to bring something cool to the game... hosting the game in a rich region like this and still gives zero attention to the game? makes no sense. to think this game was one of the best games in the past and look at the game now,wrecked in pieces like a broken private server hosted in a call center lol morbid updates,boring maps,lack of content,lack of new scenarios to enrich the gaming experience...lack of ideas and lack of creativity by them.
  3. well most of the winners are alt accounts and they are being sold now on internet by the price of 1200 bucks how cool is that? LOL to all the people that lost time in this event my condolences LOL
  4. This was by far the worst event,because there was no middle term on rewards ... either win a transformation or a bunch of nonsense crap - exp extractors,3 minimum,consumables and outdated accessories... i was surprised to see how many people was in the dream world 24/7,making almost impossible to finish a dumb quest that rewards you nothing... i was not expecting a transformation but it would be nice to put some different rewards like legendary stones or even daevanion marks... in the end,95% of the playerbase just lost 30 days? in a boring place afk jumping lol
  5. cubic is being sold at altar npc shugo , 5 cubics for 100 stellium
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