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  1. About the possibility of a new server for 6.0

    Ha if they did another server that just means more alts for more events!!!
  2. Coming soon in AIon Server

    He is but leave him alone. Dudes my hero. He saved me a lot in open world PvP. Getting chased by 10 people and he's running at me toward the people behind me. He gave me 3 more seconds to get further away!!
  3. About the possibility of a new server for 6.0

    Haha if they put out another server I'll laugh cuz that's all I can do...
  4. End of gold selling

    Haha why should the players have to do anything? Don't they have programs and ways to track this type of stuff? Even hacks as well? They are the ones getting paid to do a job, it's not our problem a million dollar company can't run they own stuff.
  5. The best clothes of all time in Aion

    I liked to mix and match different skins. Skins and housing we're the only 2 things that kept me in the game till I quit.
  6. Thinking of returning, how is the game at the moment?

    When ya play the game for awhile and know how the classes, skills and animations work and look like, and people somehow speed things up or are able to skip animations then idc about proving to others jajaja. But now adays I don't trust anyone on PC anymore. Lan battles only. The last time I saw that list it seemed like that was the whole player base cause I never saw anyone else jajaja. But there has been lots of name changes it seems so it would seem like a brand new community if I ever went back.
  7. Thinking of returning, how is the game at the moment?

    Don't do it!!! We can't go back buddy! We just can't!!
  8. A Simple Question.

    I quit last year and I can tell you RNG is a troll on aion. I'll never understand how the game works when it comes to trying to upgrade yourself. I gone through lots of kinah and some real money just cuz gambling can be somewhat fun. But yes RNG is horrible on aion. Best bet is to just ask ncsoft what they want for a +9 stigma.
  9. Shugos, Elyos, Asmos, and 62%

    It's funny I remember farming the abyss forts for medals and just auto attacking the boss on my chanter cuz I was lazy. I'd be doing like 400k-450k just auto attacking while sorcs and everyone else who is dps dropping like 800k-1mil DPS. Chanters weave power to strong. I miss it. Chanter was my favorite class.
  10. 40 days! Attention: Katalam & Danaria

    I remember when I made a post about boycotting ncsoft, not for 40 days lol. But for like a week where people shouldn't log in just to show a numbers drop. My post got flammed and them lock/deleted doe.
  11. There is only one way to get a thread shut down. Ncsoft or west whatever you wanna be called. You suck and smell like cheese. Hackers are everywhere... Even in my underwear. Trump is the best and should buy aion and make it great again.
  12. @Cyan DUPLICATING MANASTONES (Exploit???)

    Haha John was banned that's funny. Wish I knew a gm. Maybe I would of never quit. I love free stuff and carries.
  13. Plumes... Wait a minute...

    If I played and had that... I'd only wear just that and nothing else... Well maybe shoes for the 22% speed cuz walking in this game sux!
  14. Power up Event

    Dang. Nuts yo. I had so many of my stigmas enchanted before I left. Had even so many just gathered up waiting for this day to come but I ended up just giving all of them away to a random person.
  15. Is this a joke by gm? Cause it ain't funny

    I enjoy your pictures even though you don't like me.