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  1. question about housing and kinah

    The game all around bless online that is was a fail. The toons movement everything all of it not just it's exchange and that's different then what I'm saying. Cabal like had an item for 1000ncoin(I don't remember what there item shop currency is) but it was 10bux and you sell for 100,000,000mil and they just right click and instantly they have 1000 ncoin to buy even prestige or skins or the item that helped with enchanting. Aion is heavy p2w if you can afford it. Not everyone can. Or would. I gambled here and there. But I know people during like shugos who would just buy keys to open every single box in the instance or the kumuki cave same thing multiple runs also... Not just one. The items you get and trade in with others idk if you can't see it I don't wanna explain it. Using my phone for this. Y'all can just keep it.
  2. question about housing and kinah

    Ugh... I can never tell if I'm being trolled or are y'all really this serious... Listen you can have your own damn opinion about the elite. I'm just using that word cuz it's awesome. Don't even respond cause I won't about the topic. I never compared aion and cabal, I only said that cabal had an option for people to get item shop currency by spending the alz which is basically there kinah. Honestly that would probably even make more money for them as well. By the way all companies have the same goals... They all just want money and couldn't care less about the player base. That's why they get non English support. Which don't get me wrong makes me laugh super hard. I loved my support ticket convos and my friends also. We would share it all lmao. Good times.
  3. Change of equipment

    This is why I wouldn't spend thousands of dollars on armor sets that easily get replaced🤣.
  4. question about housing and kinah

    Uh... The amount of kinah there was... I mean unless people are holding out, or people who quit with stacks just letting it get dusty is the only 2 things I can think of. Naw, I'll probably wait for our patch notes to get a clear 100% of what will be changed and or added. Mostly just gunna wing it like I was doing before. Worked out fine imo. Yes the elite. You don't have to agree that's fine. But there is an elite group that basically runs/controls lots of how things went in the game. Closing aion... I mean obviously I'm just kidding and same with meaning of life even though it seems most of you forumers haven't changed at all jajaja. Been over a year now since I played so. Trust me I'm relaxed. I probably won't take this game serious at all cause the company itself doesn't and hasn't cared. I play other games so trust me aion is my least concern. I don't even wanna buy a name change ticket but I may have to cause I really don't wanna use this name lmao. Since you played the EU version, most times the regions do there own ways so I'm looking forward to see if they will ever add away to spend ingame currency for an item that can be used for ncoin. When I played a game called cabal they add items that you could trade to other that gave 1000credits which was like 10bux for the item shop. So people who couldn't spend real money had the option still. Sadly I'm on katalam or else I'd follow you around asking for kinah after the patch.
  5. question about housing and kinah

    They actually said if they decide to stop paying but ok lol. I paid like 4mil a week for estate... With kinah trees and using them blooms I got it down to like half so like I don't understand where the problem with kinah is coming from. There was so much kinah in the game when I played... where did it all go then? Is this game still runned and will be controlled by the elite still??? Y'all are making it seem I won't have enough kinah to even teleport or fly. Should we all just have a poll to close aion and wait for aion 2? What's the point in life anymore?
  6. question about housing and kinah

    Lol. Why even let it go in the first place just makes me face palm lmao. If you need to sell just list it. If you want to screw yourself out of kinah then "Just let it go" I was singing while typing that. But never sell estate, always other ways of getting kinah. Housing tbh is the best thing in the game imo and it's gunna suck when I come back cause I lost both my estates!

    I prefer to wait for patches to come out and figure it out. I don't like cheat sheets! But that's just how I liked to play. I'd love to give the game a chance again but I just can't. The whole thing about removing scrolls and running speed from boots like makes me sad. Like yea I hear there are transforms but it doesn't sound fun. Reminds me when I started to play bless. I was so upset on how slow moving my too and my mounts were, so I always just did the auto run to quest spot or person while I asked.

    It's new to me, because I only would play NA servers. So too me even though it's a Korean game and they get it first, same with EU, I consider them all beta testing because NA is all that matters. Plus, na isn't even 6.0 yet right?

    Real question, 6.0 is there away to have no soul sickness with an estate or still need mansion/estate?

    If they ever made a fresh server I'd probably start over but I know none of my friends would lol. I'd love a fresh start server but honestly I agree that it wouldn't help. They should of made just 1 server to begin with instead of hackalam and diarrhea. When 6.0 or 6.2, whatever they go to should come out with a server. But honestly I should of took advantage of beritra server to farm items so that when that past merge happened I'd have double the stuff. Honestly one thing I hate the most of aion is the fact people play multiple servers, and do both factions. Then they pick who they want to play with and what not. I always had this feeling like only 100 people play the game cuz I always saw the same people. I haven't played in a year and I quit cuz the fact p2w did get a little to ridiculous imo, the patch I left on had absolutely nothing and the maps were horrid, and finally the hacking. So much proof of so many people and nothing ever done. But it's all good. I enjoyed the years I had on there. Why not everyone just boycott aion now and just wait for aion 2 so then y'all can really just start fresh.
  11. About the possibility of a new server for 6.0

    Ha if they did another server that just means more alts for more events!!!
  12. Coming soon in AIon Server

    He is but leave him alone. Dudes my hero. He saved me a lot in open world PvP. Getting chased by 10 people and he's running at me toward the people behind me. He gave me 3 more seconds to get further away!!
  13. About the possibility of a new server for 6.0

    Haha if they put out another server I'll laugh cuz that's all I can do...
  14. End of gold selling

    Haha why should the players have to do anything? Don't they have programs and ways to track this type of stuff? Even hacks as well? They are the ones getting paid to do a job, it's not our problem a million dollar company can't run they own stuff.
  15. The best clothes of all time in Aion

    I liked to mix and match different skins. Skins and housing we're the only 2 things that kept me in the game till I quit.