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  1. Shugos, Elyos, Asmos, and 62%

    It's funny I remember farming the abyss forts for medals and just auto attacking the boss on my chanter cuz I was lazy. I'd be doing like 400k-450k just auto attacking while sorcs and everyone else who is dps dropping like 800k-1mil DPS. Chanters weave power to strong. I miss it. Chanter was my favorite class.
  2. 40 days! Attention: Katalam & Danaria

    I remember when I made a post about boycotting ncsoft, not for 40 days lol. But for like a week where people shouldn't log in just to show a numbers drop. My post got flammed and them lock/deleted doe.
  3. There is only one way to get a thread shut down. Ncsoft or west whatever you wanna be called. You suck and smell like cheese. Hackers are everywhere... Even in my underwear. Trump is the best and should buy aion and make it great again.
  4. @Cyan DUPLICATING MANASTONES (Exploit???)

    Haha John was banned that's funny. Wish I knew a gm. Maybe I would of never quit. I love free stuff and carries.
  5. Plumes... Wait a minute...

    If I played and had that... I'd only wear just that and nothing else... Well maybe shoes for the 22% speed cuz walking in this game sux!
  6. Power up Event

    Dang. Nuts yo. I had so many of my stigmas enchanted before I left. Had even so many just gathered up waiting for this day to come but I ended up just giving all of them away to a random person.
  7. Is this a joke by gm? Cause it ain't funny

    I enjoy your pictures even though you don't like me.
  8. Power up Event

    I loved playing my chanter support wise. That word of life is sexy. Grats for getting it to +9. Can you go higher then +9 or is +9 the furthest you need for the prize?
  9. Is this a joke by gm? Cause it ain't funny

    That's qute random name person. See y'all still salty jajajajaja
  10. Power up Event

    Great read y'all. Keep up the good werk.
  11. Is this a joke by gm? Cause it ain't funny

    Why I always afked sieges when I played. Hated how when you would be grouped with your legion/friends and switched to go siege you wouldn't be with them. Then when you are put with an alliance, people would constantly leave and then be added back... And just keep leaving and coming back... Wish there was a better system, at least be able to put everyone's alts in alliances so then people wouldn't be with afks all the time. Of course support sucks, one of the reason I didn't really wanna play much cuz if issues ever happened nothing ever got done.
  12. [New Player] Looking for advises :)

    Even doing full support as a songweaver you can be top DPS in pve instances. Obviously will have to reach the right stats to do damage and land skills of course and learn rotations but you'll love songweaver. Just remember throne song is your best friend and will help you and everyone that is magic in your party to do more damage. Also the aoe party Mana is great :).
  13. Broken crystal ball

    When my legion played we would just collect them and hope one day they would be useful. Like could you imagine if they messed up and you could npc them for millions of kinah. Ah if only good bugs like that could happen.
  14. Tempered Power II?

    You guys really are taking this way to close to heart. I don't even remember when I quit but if I had to guess it was 2017 like July or August. Sorry that I like to put my opinion out there because I like aion a lot. Sorry that my negativity bothers you. Aion is a great game but sadly the way it has went I personally couldn't support it by even logging in and giving them a log in count. If you want to play go ahead. I really don't care. I have friends who still trash talk aion and I even tell them it's a good game, just the way it went is not for a lot of people. I put hard work and time into it and wasn't getting enough back. Maybe cause my rng sux? But anyways if y'all play go ahead, reading a few of you here complain (not all) and a few buddies who still play who tell me what's going on. Doesn't seem like much has changed. Other then the add-ons of spending more money or wasting time. But that's just how I see it. Also as you can see I totally log in everyday and post in every topic. Please calm the fuq down.
  15. Tempered Power II?

    I was tired of the way aion went and is going. Tired of all the bs so I took a stand and stopped playing. I do miss the PvP aspect of aion cuz I have lots of awesome memories but enough is enough. You can sit here keep feeding money and giving them the player log in counts but I won't support it anymore. Hope 6.0 can bring the game back so the few of you left can enjoy again but I have already lost hope.