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  1. Proxy users geting banned

    We are all punished from these horrible events, bugs and glitches and things just straight breaking. I think there should be an event where we all get the ability to ban and see who the last person on is. What map should we use panda?
  2. Proxy users geting banned

    I mean I know some people are friends with GMs, why not just give them the ability to go clear bots.
  3. @Cyan @Cyan-KT time to fix this sir. Take the servers down for a few days.
  4. Entitled players?

    I'm like on my 4th week for CoE... My spirit master still missing 8 ancient items to be out of the harvester set. Game just straight up hates me but I'm glad I keep getting gloves since my hands get sweaty so much. Honestly they can put out whatever events they want now cuz they will all be garbage cuz they are changing them to basically getting 1 item a week or less. Use full event to get 1 item like a rainbow dye pack or a berdin star... Like thanks yo... Hello master Triffinixinxininxxxnininxxinxinxixnnxixixnxnxinxixnxnxnxnxixixnxnxnxnxixn
  5. Compensation, how are you doing it?

    My 7 toons weren't able to progress in the game due to this bug. I hope all my toons get the AP it should have received.
  6. Proxy users geting banned

    Awesome. Must be hacking to get banned right? Messing with files ya shouldnt be eh?? God I love this game.
  7. Easy compensation for current issues

    How much AP do you earn a week if you don't spend Luna to reset? Someone told me a week they usually make 14.5mil. so round it to 15mil. 2 weeks in boom 30mil AP and idk how many PvP bags you would receive but they should just give out legendary stones only. Just give everyone a box containing 50 legendary PvP stones. I mean it's rng anyways, you could get no where with them. Please don't give us ancients to have to morph them... Hopefully I don't sound needy but I do expect to get compensation on all my 7 toons on my account. These people have the ability to hand out ANYTHING, they are basically God's in the game so it really shouldn't be that difficult. Especially when some people on EK were given compensation gear I mean really they can create and hand out anything. Why should I log on and do these things when they aren't working. Basically depending how they handle this, will determine how many players will remain. Maybe this is how they merge into 1 server. We call all die together😁
  8. NCSoft Core Mission Statement

    Right. Whole time I was reading I was yelling it but when. I got to the nyerking part and I'd whisper it.
  9. Stick the game up your ass

    All them tickets we get back with GM names all over it is all fake. It's all just copy and pasted by cyan. Dude has to do everything and yet he can't do anything. I guess or won't idk. But if this topic gets locked or deleted then ncwest is a bunch of soft marshmallows.
  10. So to me you're at a perfect spot. Whenever you get mad at the game just throw the disk. I'm still waiting for my buddy to send me his aion disk so I can throw it. But remember we are the USA! Freedom!!! Do what ya want puck ncwest or ncsoft.
  11. NO GP FOR FORT!!!!

    Naw buddy I wanna see this game facking shut down. I barely play now soo... I personally only play cuz my friends wants me to, two of them are real life friends but one is finally realizing how this game truly is😂🤣😂🤣. Trust me, I lost the love for aion along time ago. I only play to have fun with friends once in awhile and try and sacrifice people. Or bring lots of friends (adds).😂🤣😂🤣
  12. NO GP FOR FORT!!!!

    I feel like I should of took advantage of this situation. Sadly I didn't during the enchantment rates issue awhile back. They tell people to not enchant. People enchant and get then get more stones even after? They don't even put the armor back to where it was?? Just here, more stuff! So much ap and gp and enchantment stones bundles not given. I want triple the amount... NVM if I could, can I get stacks of ancient, legendary and ultimate kibrium and guiding stones so I don't have to farm myself... Or you can just shut down the servers and forget to reboot that would be amazing.
  13. Please.. Remove Reset from ID/IB

    @Cyan @Cyan-KT yo anyway we can trade our gold ignots for kinah cuz I'd rather have kinah. If you want me to be brutally honest. Just take my ingots away cuz I don't want that garbage. I'd rather have guest petals. Pls delete this game already. Also you never awnsered my 1v1 request cu my bday was the 27th so I win I want 1bil kinah.
  14. TY for not taking the servers down

    Real question here is who has the most officer and general ranks locked in on alts that's what I wanna know. Read somewhere once a dude said he had like 5 general spots... But yea there's no point to log in anyways cuz to me AP is most valuable due to needing to upgrade and I'm not even full legendary yet so it's needed and yet can't aquire. Can't wait to see what we get for free though. Hopefully a drop rate buff😂🤣
  15. Ereshkigal Server Consolidation FAQ

    Jesus. I should of taken advantage of the server while I had the chance. Now people will get free shit. Hey @Cyan, I'm gunna buy kinah, can you ban me now so I don't give y'all the money. I already know the kinah selling sites are y'all. I just wanna save my 10 bux.