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  1. Cyan

    @Cyan-KT @Cyan So before we get this next update on March 27th, is there away y'all can consider letting us have the ability to trade through our account again... I mean for real... Can we be free again or you really gunna make us struggle. Fine don't let us trade stuff with others but is there really a need to restrict all our characters that are on the same pucking account? I mean I should of just made 7 different accounts like the puck man...
  2. EK Server Situation

    I think everyone here on DN and KT would be fine if they just throw elyos at danaria and asmo to katalam. But will they? Sadly not... Ek was a mistake and imo should just be deleted due to it being just an alt server. Just like br server... Another alt server that was made where the top people just had another toon to throw money and gamble at with...
  3. PVP stone BCM pricing

    If they over price things... Who cares... There loss that people won't buy it... Well hopefully the smart people wont... But people who have money to blow, use other people's cards, will do whatever. Fine, let them. We aren't in 5.9 or lower where people can have higher then +15... Let the people pay the money to get Max +15 Ultimate. Once they are there they will get bored eventually. Once people catch up and they see that gear was letting them poop on people they will probably stop playing or even pvping. Sometimes I just feel like people don't wanna grind or challenge themselves and that's fine. Soon we will all be on the same level!! Let them pay for our bills so we can play who cares!!! Halo is coming back to PC anyways so puck aion.
  4. Siege times and PVP windows

    They should make the fort vulnerable 24/7, whoever is squatting in it owns it just like how some states are with real life houses in the United States.
  5. Siege EK Lakrum

    There's nothing that can help EK... They just need to give free transfers and give people time to choose and then force people who don't into a server. Anyone who spent lots money on EK to advance far to keep up with other servers makes me laugh. You pucked up by ever swiping or using PayPal... Even picking EK. Gluck yo. Siel for lyfe, 1 server make aion great again. Or just shut the whole game down and end our suffering. Either or I'm fine with. Halo coming back to PC!!! Puck aion!
  6. I will not buy anything from BCM! JOIN Me

    @Zilex-EK uh... I made a post like this before but I'm not a known person so I usually get ignored and plus only like 20 people really use the forums. But anyways sorry EK didn't work out. But I mean to even think it was a good idea is laughable. Please stop bringing up EK cause no one really cares except the alts that are stuck there. I wish they just merged all servers when 6.0 or 6.2 launched, whatever we got first lol.
  7. Kase-KT

    Lmao good gif, wish I could do them while on phone. Somehow phone doesn't let me do certain things
  8. Facton balance completely made game rubbish

    Too bad there's not 2 maps... Give lakrum at least a 15min break:D let all the bots get out in position again.... Jajajajaja rip aion.
  9. Daevanion skills

    Damn... At least you'll be ready for the next change to enchant the skills... I mean damn I barely ever get to see a skill book. Must be nice.
  10. Facton balance completely made game rubbish

    @Tyd-DN how dare you use lakrum for PvP. You best move it to another area!
  11. Facton balance completely made game rubbish

    Meh, I love to be out numbered. I love having a disadvantage. What makes things more fun and challenging. Honestly I laugh and scream and run when I see a huge Zerg, I find it just so fun lmao. Just like old times during katalam and danaria maps, then it moved to levinshor and illuma outside there base 👍. I just wish they merged all servers but now it's to late. Oh well though, at least we got the forums... To fight in
  12. Kase-KT

    Haha lucky I forgot to switch back to my PvP. Nice Luna res though. Mr tryhard jajaja you're cheese.
  13. Hahaha

    @Cheesecake-DN got a dollar? I need it for the vending machine at work right now and I really want these barbeque chips dude
  14. Hahaha

    @Cyan bro I wrote a ticket to support about things on aion and they are linking me to the lineage forums and talking to me about lineage. I can't stop laughing at how sad this has become lmao my God. Just shut the game down already lol. End our suffering!!
  15. Damn. To bad I'm not on danaria to understand what's going on. But seems to me someone is very bored. Looks like it's time for a few game.