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  1. Server Merge

    I am an old player returning from a year break. I'd love a merge of all the servers. Well of the 2 main ones. I still don't consider EK a server, just another warehouse for alts. Hate seeing the same like 50 people... I wanna see there other mains from other servers, jajaja. Been playing since the launch of this 6.0 and I'll tell ya the only thing that makes me log in is just to do full legion runs. Otherwise I'd rather play destiny 2 or pubg.
  2. Server Merge

    Merge all the servers!!! Then we can all be together forever!!! Jajajajaja to the people who spent rl money for stigmas when that will change again in the future jajajajaja. Any whale here wanna help me out? Just buy me prestige.

    Did what they?
  4. EK Incentives / Catch up?

    Lmao at EK 🤣🤣.
  5. Keep it!

    Keep your echantment rates! I LOVE THE CHALLENGE!! Just give me my mookie candies back... and my estate...
  6. wtf is PVP now ? are you kidding me?

    Ha, to even think that just looking up characters and classes would tell us siege numbers.
  7. When you are that bored

    Meh we just need 1 server is all. I do miss rifting, back when enshar and cygnea were the main maps my legion and myself would just rift over to PvP then check Levi. I never got really experience the old old ways but it did sound fun, and I took my handful of beating and bully treatments back when I first played and it made me a better player. Learned how people moved and played. But right now the compensation grieving is worse imo.

    Why 1 server would be awesome! I mean people some anyways would still do it but. Yea hate the way people play both.
  9. When you are that bored

    I mean this game was all about getting squished or squishing others... Back when I started anyways. I was a low level dude in morheim in that alsig village if i remember correctly getting dookied on by way higher level and geared players. Get enough little dudes and they will destroy you though. Ask some the p2w squads on elyos kt server. I watch people do like 12vs1 and it's the longest fights ever. Just last night's siege I watched about 20 people attacking laughing for a straight like 2mins by himself and he wouldn't die. The real problem with the player base is the p2w nerds who talk shit and ask for 1v1 when they have compensation gear vs people who don't... I mean get over yourself, of course you're gunna win... and you can keep that win.
  10. Just quick question, wondering if it's just me.

    Idk just doesn't feel that way. I just don't understand how to explain it I guess.
  11. New player

    Just don't go EK. DN or KT is fine but I'm asmo because well asmo is best!!
  12. Just quick question, wondering if it's just me.

    Yea... This is basic knowledge... I already know this, I'm talking about why they are aloud to keep casting and attacking or even target me because once they start the animation of teleporting it untargets and when I tab back on it just says invalid target but yet I'm always attacked even through the animation.
  13. Happy Holidays from the Aion team!

    Have a good one pls bring me good rng back next year

    Like the worst troll ever lmao. I'll say it IDC, not my friend or legion mate. I could honestly care less about you. Even in real life. Puck people!!!
  15. So in lakrum when people run to the teleport at the camps. As they start to teleport it tells me invalid Target and won't let me attack and yet I was just getting attacked while I was fazing away and almost died.