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  1. They edited the post with new info. Pve damage of all skills that do damage on hit , Pressurized Chamber, Rapidfire Deluge, Pledge/Promise of earth, Blessing of wind, Scoundrel's Bond, Apply Lethal Venom, Powerful Shot(Minion skill), Enhanced Powerful Shot(Minion skill), Pulverizing Attack(Minion Skill), Crouching Dragon Kick(Minion skill) has been doubled.
  2. No info about it yet, the translation seemed to say something about it, but it was very vague to understand.
  3. In a way our damage is increasing at the cost of group damage. Word of inspiration would no longer buff group so the dps chart would fall for group members while staying the same for us. But overall the damage will have gone down due to 6.5 changes. All I hope for is word of inspiration and instigation stacking.
  4. Yeah you're right, Damage for Glacial Shard and Flame Spray got reduced. Quite a bad mistranslation. Wish they allowed to edit the post, so I could fix it.
  5. This is more of a translation fromhttp://aion.plaync.com/board/balancelab/view?articleId=171&viewMode=thumb&size=20, but with the skill names fixed. Gladiator ◆[Determination] → Effect procs at below 40% health instead of 10% health. Stun effect changed into 500 Physical Attack. ◆[Defense Preparation]→ Increased the PVP additional defense from 400 to 500, and the cd from 1 second to 10 seconds. In addition, physical defense and magic defense by 500 to increase the physical damage and PVP additional damage by 500 damage has been added. Removed the effects of parr
  6. Clarification, there has been a mistranslation. Like other classes dps buffs word of inspiration reduces hb by 500. The wording is a bit weird, so when u put the description through other translators it says " adds 500 hb reduction",also the Google translate of the balance laboratory page says reduces healing boost
  7. It was not that way in the previous versions iirc. And I found the 10% more attack thing by experimenting on my own toon. And then I tried the same formula with your orb (i found out your weapon-less magical attack by subtracting the spellbook stats cuz u said it was not fused) and it gave the same 10% result to me.
  8. Okay, scrap all of that lol. Turns out your weapon attack is increased by 10% when u combine. So you orb gives an extra 10% of 3225 ie 322 more magic attack.
  9. The option stats of underfuse are added to your total stats too, so if your underfuse has magical attack it will add on. On other hand, there might be a chance that it's the damage boost from weapon passive. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RoresJlypQ0sWRKT70XK_tqSl92TQaNAsE5Ii66yM5s/edit#gid=0 Seems like spellbook gives 8% boost while orb gives 44% boost. Might be something related to that.
  10. Are you sure you don't have an underfuse in your ancient libertas Orb?
  11. I saw some gameplay. She went out the "I don't feel so good" style.
  12. Some skills were changed a bit, https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/index.php?title=6.0_Update_-_Daevanion_Skills&setlang=en: Penetrating Blindness Deals 2421 physical damage to a target up to 25m away and stuns it for 4s with a certain probability. If the hit lands critical damage, the probability of stunning the enemy is 100%. Penetrating Wave Gives a strengthening buff to party members in front of you within 25m for 10s. Increasing Atk and Movement Speed by 20%, and reducing casting time by 20%. Continuous blind Deals 2190 physical damage to nearby enemies
  13. Some of the new skills were changed: https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/index.php?title=6.0_Update_-_Daevanion_Skills&setlang=en
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