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  1. Very sorry to hear this. I remember always running into you guys and getting one shot by gib. Condolences to you and his family.
  2. Same, Canceled sub right after the new price list yesterday.
  3. In regards to world bosses, a lot of them were moved to the new map and were changed to lv75-80. I'm not familiar with their names but I do see some of them around.
  4. You will get a box regardless of how many characters you've made and going to level. The surveys which give lv80 pve weapon, wing, and chest piece are limited to 1 character per server. Those lv80 starter pve gear from surveys are much better compared to lv75 ones from quests, and you will be able to do the new Frozen Monolith after getting the whole set from Base 127. (This is only valid on new servers, you will probably still be able to do frozen monolith on older server because of better gear exchange). The gearing process is much easier and quicker after the update on 2/7. Weekl
  5. Not sure if they are happy or not so Ill just show a picture of Poeta-A in Lakrum at 8 A.M. Korea time. There are much more people than this during the night/peak hours. It is still p2w because you need to get a decent transformation to be able to function in game. However, I would say that it is definitely much more balanced between f2p players and players that do spend in game. Keep in mind you will need to pvp to get pvp gear, and there isn't an option to get more pvp tokens by swiping dem credit cards so far.
  6. Apparently we're back on Poeta-A because Ishalgen was dead af as a server compared to Poeta. However, you get easier time completing weekly quests because there aren't a lot of people in line waiting to get their quests done.
  7. If you're on the way of upgrading your 75ap and everything else, you should probably enchant your 80ap armor/accessories as much as possible for the 6.0 exchange. I doubt we will be getting the same treatment as KR does since +25~30 sets are not common but there is no information regarding those from NA dev team yet. Keep in mind you should also make as much kinah as possible as well for the upgraded skills. The only thing you really need to worry about is getting at least an ancient or legendary transformation so you will be able to function properly in game. If y
  8. Join us if you're on Ishalgen-A!
  9. Yes, I think weaving is working like they did before.
  10. I actually can't confirm all of the skins you mentioned are there since I did not pay too much attention to them. (I THREW THEM AWAY) However, I did receive some free skins from the leveling reward box they gave for everyone, and thought I might as well take pictures of them because I do not know their correct names. Sorry for the horrible graphics, my toaster is trying to do its best. They also give you basic pvp/pve gear when you enter the new map so you have something to wear while leveling to lv80, and they are the original Blood Mark set skins.
  11. I'm not familiar with skin names but a lot of old skins are turned to lvling gear. And yes, you can skin them.
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