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  1. I transfered when it was up in first time, i was hopping things to be better there, but it didn't happen, it has more than 30 days that i transfered. And i didn't see that Cyan posted it, my bad I'll try another browser as well, thanks o//
  2. Hello, i'd like to know if i still can transfer from a server to another server, i've been testing this new server and i found some issues and i want to go back to my old server, but i get this error when i go to account services: Server Error 500 () We're sorry but the server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Did it close?
  3. Guys what is the difference between Shining Prime Royal Captain Armor Chest and Prime Royal Captain Armor Chest?
  4. @Cyan, oh i see, just one more question, for how long does it stay? 6 PM it spawns and stay for 1 minute? is like this?
  5. Guys and @Cyan, Is Detonation Stations spawning? If yes, where and in what time? I couldn't find it yesterday
  6. Katalam (Siel, Beritra) Danaria (Israphel, Kahrun, Tiamat.)
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