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  1. From time to time (It happened 4 times in the last 3 days), as soon as i get into the game (Char select) i get a pop-up saying that my PIN got blocked because i entered wrongly 5 times, that i need to change it. This happens at the second the chars appears and without me entering any PIN at all. Checked with some friends and the same is happening to them. Only solution is going to the webpage, changing the PING and re login into the game. Thanks in advance!
  2. Wierd thing ... i just disabled the Hamachi Network card ... and suddingly is downloading ... ¬¬, basically i disabled all the other network card and leave only the Primary one, and so far ... is downloading!
  3. Happening the same ... but, sometimes it works, download a GB or so and the error ... close it, open it again, and eventually it works, continue downloading, and then crash... So, i'm starting to think that we are not the issue ... the server where the files are is ..
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