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  1. You may aswell remove the Event since no one is going to do it at this point
  2. New candies! finally it only took you guys like 2 years +
  3. Shit! Asmos camping Divine already? Bunch of assholes.
  4. Working as intended?
  5. If this maintenance resets Arena of Discipline then you bascially just ruined the competition season in the very first week
  6. Yea...No that's not true at all lol. There was a test made in RU server as far as I know which shows that Cruci draft Gives nearly 80% pvp def and 50% pvp attack and I can confirm that its somewhere near that cause I've used it a couple times myself. It's beyond broken
  7. You should do Volatile rift SR +22s drop like crazy from the boxes
  8. That's actually not true you can still get Msup 50s From invasions that spawn in Levinshor/Enshar
  9. Looking for Harvester gear donations cause it's not worth spending kinah on PVE hook me up ty!
  10. +1 This! Everytime i do arena someone ends up dropping and starts dodging for the next hour to waste my CDs having tickets would be very nice.
  11. Wasn't it just x10 Manastone bundles a minute ago?
  12. You can do FP with 3 people all 4 relics it's easy but solo is just a different story lol 2 man is also somewhat doable not all 4 relics though
  13. Should've seen SL-A and all the shameless people doing it over 50x outside the entrance and the ones who went in as cross-server thinking they somewhat smart lol
  14. Someone in my legion got a Sheba from first 4 B he combined.so RNG wasn't on your side
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