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  1. Well my mistake ... I just watched a 5 years old video and the same thing happened . I guess I was a better pveer back then
  2. I’m a veteran I’ve run this instance when you had to loci Rez
  3. The servers are so dead … on fast track server there is 98 players from range lvl 1 to 65. Its really sad … 5.x killed the game and it seems Ncwest isnt on a hurry to tell us whats going on with 6.0
  4. Cool there is a event for the independance day … seems NA stands for US .
  5. Anyone ran BTHM lately ? the horseman pops his red buff almost right after you start dps'ing it which makes it impossible to kill .
  6. My this is deep … stop using 3rd party program and you wont have any issues. Also im using windows 10 and never had any issue cause I dont cheat
  7. If you're client shuts down is because you're using a program that means its not a trusted program. stop using it … end of the story little cheater.
  8. Cheating doesnt systematicaly hacking . If you use Shugoconsole or even that program to bypass the number of client you can open , it triggers the Xencode program however it is not concidered hacking. Just play aion with nothing else in the background and you will be fine. If you can't then im sorry but you wont be missed.
  9. There is an easy way not to get disconected by Xen program ... dont cheat .
  10. Looking for Leather DPS and a Cleric and we're set. well do it on the fast track so people from DN can join.
  11. Hello everyone !!! So with 6.0 coming in the near future I would really like to enjoy one last time all those instances that made what is Aion now ! So I would like to run those instances and get those sets (skins) while we still can ! If you want to join me come tag along on my twitch channel www.twitch.tv/dreaming_aion I will start streaming around 11AM Eastern time today . Starting from lvl 1 I will be leveling a Sorc . If you see group recruitment in LFG with the mention Nostalgia then it means im recruiting for classic instances. I will be on the Ka
  12. Traumatized ? again you're turning the situation as if I was wrong being upset about your way of talking to people when it comes dealing with people who are angry with the game. I mean Cheesecake you're probably a nice guy or girl … I dont know or care but your opinion is as good as someone elses . An opinion isnt right or wrong its a point of view on something. You don't " Traumatize" people you're just an annoying know it all player.
  13. My point about you and Aly is that as far as I can remember you both have the tendency to tell people they are wrong if you don't agree with them. I remember a long time ago …When we had the exp event they were buffs from NPC and you could still use EXP amulets back then and I remember I had an issue where having the buff plus the amulet would actually gives you less than 100% exp. and despite support refunding me my amulet I was upset because they said to me they were doing a one time curtusy refund and would not do it in the future. The reason I was upset is they made it sound like they
  14. Before I start , what I’m about to say is just my opinion and how I feel about the game . I’m sure cheesecake or Alysine are going to jump in to put their grain of salt but let me say this . It’s my opinion and this is just feedback to ncsoft and regardless of what you feel it would be nice for once that you get that and that you respect it. So that being said , let the rant begin ! so I have been gone for a while now and I recently came back I réalise that the lack of incentive for new,returning and or casual player , makes it nearly impossible to enjoy a lot of aspect of the
  15. Yes talk down people that’ll make you sound credible ...
  16. You haven’t understood a word I said sir . first of all I’m talking 2.0 and before instances and I’m talking getting the gear/skins out of these . Please reread
  17. Alright people are going to find me orderly annoying with this but I can’t be the only one who feels nostalgic knowing we’re going to lose our best memories with the next patch. i have been playing since September 2009 and I’ve been sold the moment I saw that article in 2007 saying "ncsoft is making the best looking mmo ever". now with 6.0 we’re going to lose some maps some gear and some if not all titles and I feel terrible knowing I’ll never be able to get it ever again. so I would like to have some event with a touch of nostalgia to it . So what I’m proposing is event that in
  18. Server will be KT and the faction will be elyos . I’m also going to farm miragent and other nostalgia stuff so if anyone wanna join in please post here the class you will be rolling . Once we’ve got all our nostalgia stuff I’m going to be farming for 6.0 (ap kinah and maybe some gear along the way) so if you want to tag along You are more than welcome . also if someone could tell me what’s the requirements for S rank dp
  19. Well for people who wants to join me it will be on katalam also since bt has a level cap for the loot , people will have to come with characters lvl 63 and lower . I will just need a healer and if other dps wanna join I’ll take one plate one leather . i am also down to do tiamat stronghold with the same group layout as I don’t want people to fight over gear . so let’s the nostalgia pve run begin
  20. Hi all , some of you might feel this is useless and that I’m just a geek but we’re going to lose a lot of our memories in 6.0. Dark poeta and beshmundir temple and the new players won’t know what it is . I would like to find a few people to run dp and bt to get the set. If any of you are interested in running those good memories instances then hit me up and let’s keep some memories with us
  21. Im glad people are responding to that poll , I hope we can get more votes .
  22. Hi Cyan , would it be possible to put this topin on the table . I understand there is a reason behind the weekly kinah vendor cap but with the curent economy its hard to keep up with the pay to winers and a great way to make kinah is to farm for valuables that sells for good kinah at the vendor and sups are a good exemple. The problem is that 113m per week doesnt even cover the scrolls and pots you use in a week so would it be possible to change it?
  23. I can’t remember 2.0 but 1.9 was pretty major haha that’s when they added remove shock woooooooooooo
  24. I can’t remember all the dates of when we got major X.0 patch but I think most of them came out during June/July
  25. This might be shocking to you but ncteam also has weekend off.
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