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  1. Its not poor management, They have to follow what KR's marketing team allows them to do. They honestly need more advertising for the game. And for classic do non pay to win subscriptions and cosmetic shop, maybe even a season pass. But the key here is to get permission from NCSOFT KR.
  2. Aion NA died when it went free to play. I know when players on this forum vocalize their opinion is has zero impact on the decision of NCSoft. I believe if they made a classic server, it would be successful with just a bit of advertising on mmo sites. I've played KR Classic, and so far everything about it has been excellent. I know this will draw in old aion players and possibly new ones that may leech over into the current version aswell. But again I emphasize the need to advertise the game, so a refer a friend program may help dramatically. People play MMOs when they ha
  3. Looking for this skin set (or item under the same model tab) http://aiondatabase.net/en/item/110300543/ any help is very appreciated. 'Noble Tough Jerkin' crafted set. IGN: Mivokk/Cub Mail me if you wish to sell or trade
  4. Need help In deciding which way I should go.. Pve: I'm assuming d/d for speed & crit Pvp: d/s for burst damage (I only really solo pvp / ganking) but I am curious if d/d would be more beneficial for group play? Thoughts?
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