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  1. The "While NA could've done better job at dealing with hackers..." is the part that I fault NCsoft for. Because let's face it, we're not talking about an NC that is valiantly trying to stop hackers but is constantly being outmaneuvered or outsmarted because the hackers move faster using some technical wizardry. No, we're talking about a company that, aside from relying on automatic systems like XIGNCODE... does not appear to put a single ounce of effort in stopping hackers. And if a player tries to report hacking, the onus or burden of proof appears to be on the reporter to "prove" the hack
  2. @Aly-DN I didn't mean to imply that all (or even most) of the AFKers are spies. I don't even think most AFKers are spies when the total number of AFKers are totaled. But I do believe that the number of such toons is more common than thought, and more than an insignificant amount. People already have spies for other instances (dredgion, ironwall, etc) after all. I can't understand why someone would play the game.... to end up not playing the game. AFKing after its a foregone conclusion that your team is going to lose? That is understandable, and is totally different than AFKing right
  3. A fair number of the AFKers are probably also spies or deliberate saboteurs with mains in the opposite faction. They deliberately load their non-main (off-faction) toon into ECs to give their main the greatest advantage of winning, and if they happen to win one because of a lucky draw then that's good too. While one person doing this wouldn't make a whole lot of difference, I'm starting to be convinced (by the sheer number of elyos AFKers) that there are numerous people doing this, so that in the end its not unusual to have 25% to 50% of your entire faction AFK. The best solution would'
  4. As someone who often does not get to log into the game when Evergale Canyon is running thanks to my RL schedule, I was hoping to use the eye event to help me catch up (in soulstones) with people who are able to play EC every day. Yeah, thanks NC, first, for creating an instance that gives soulstones (Canyon) that runs only for a small window of time each day, instead of having multiple windows spread out throughout the day (including a late evening window) that people with alternate schedules can participate. And second, thanks for screwing me over again with these insane soulstone prices in
  5. Obviously NCsoft decided to allow "pay to win" to purchase end game instance gear. No point debating about it because NCsoft already decided to do it. And it isn't their first time either, they did it with DD gear too. However, I can understand a desire for people to want to make the gear that was authentically obtained from running the instance different from the event. My suggestion is to use a slightly different skin, if at all possible, to separate the two items. Give them different colors (not the primary one controlled by dye, but secondary colors), or have one of them include an ex
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