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  1. A fully, working script that properly updates upon completion.
  2. Voting yes here is a no-brainer especially with the current state of both server populations. The only question is if NC will fix the sieges prior to merging because all forts will go Balaur, and if the Dux/Gate HP doesn't change, the upper forts will stay red until a change is made. The only thing that will immediately change will be rifting, dredgions, and group LFG.
  3. @Kibbelz This needs to be readdressed. I was going make my own thread, but I'll just post it here. With Chanter Buffs, Asmodian Diety is at 420M HP and Fortress gate sits at 72M HP. Even if both factions were combined, there would be ZERO chance that forts could flip. I'm not sure what fixes were made, but it did not change the outcome of sieges. Please see screenshots taken from an Asmodian player who gave me the consent to post:
  4. I came in foolishly thinking that 1.5 would bring a breath of life back into the game, but the reality struck me quickly for it to be untrue. Most of my legion has quit for other games and sometimes a select few will log in for DP, Dredge, and PvP Daily/Weekly nothing more nothing less. From a broader perspective, yes this game is literally on the verge of death. Dredge queue times are atrociously long, and LFG is pretty much dead after the final Dredgion. For the one's who cant PvP, 1.5 has Fenris which is comparable to the PVP 40E set. But unless people proc the heart 1st try, good
  5. Just to get a general consensus on how everyone is managing their inventory and bank space since the release of 1.5. I personally feel that with the new DP and Fenris/Miragents sets, our bank and inventory space will become even more limited. It seems harder to juggle items to keep in our inventory, which items to put in our bank and what items to dispose of, especially with most of us losing our Inquin 12-slot pet in addition with the Deava Pass items, crown bags, crafting mats (old and new), enchantment and manastones that we are hoarding for the next DP item drop, ect. Please cast your
  6. Kinda hard to remain civil when your events are flopping harder than fish out of the water. Players can only take so much before they're at a breaking point, and some have already been pushed past that. The perception that's being casted from most of the community is that you are completely oblivious to what's happening in the community and your team simply don't care what happens to Classic. Just to prove that I'm not being completely opinionated, Wasn't the EXP Buff supposed to end today after the maintenance according to your thread here. Yet the event is still ongoing...
  7. For NCWest to keep making mistake after mistake before they realize they should actually put time and effort into the products they release before they lose everything. NCWest doesn't won't to care about the players, the players will not care about the game. At this rate, they don't deserve ANY money from us as players until we start to see some actual time and effort being put into the shit they do.
  8. Will the GM Flight Buff Event be fixed as well? @Kibbelz
  9. Logged on yesterday and the flight buff worked. Starting to think that the buff is limited to a certain amount of times you can use it per day, which should've been specified in the patch notes if this was NC's intent.
  10. Wings event isn't working on Asmodian Side, it's working on Elyos side. Busted event that couldn't last 2 full days, or working as intended?
  11. The more time that goes on and NC addresses nothing, the less chance this game has to recover. 1.5 will bring people back for a while, but if the issues still aren't resolved, they are going to leave just as fast.
  12. And the longer NC stalls on taking action towards the people who are AP trading now, the one's that are still doing it will continue to trade and get their gear, and even possibly enable the one's who aren't AP trading to do it. And another thing to consider that NCSoft probably hasn't looked at other than stripping gear, is also the godstones that the AP traders have acquired and have possibly sold to other players by equipping it to a tradeable weapon (if that's even possible), and either resetting their ranked quest (terrible idea) or just let them stay at whatever quest they are at the lo
  13. With the release of 1.9 in Aion Classic KR, there has been no communication to the players of when to expect 1.5 for NA. If following the timeline correctly, NA is at least a week past due for 1.5, yet we have not a single word from NCSoft on the upcoming update that alot of people are looking forward to and that can bring a second wind to Aion's playerbase. Alot of people I know are quitting just because of what little they can do in NA's current patch. Between the bots and the most recent AP trading issues that NCSoft is reportedly looking into, the game has already turned away a decent
  14. I never once engaged on the templar solely, and I farm guards daily.
  15. Let me set the record straight. 1. Yes, I am Fapp, the Ranger on Siel that killed you. 2. That was my first time going to Sulfur just to see what was going on because there's literally little end game content, and when I did see people I ONLY targeted reds that were in groups doing repeat quest. 3. If you were that Rank 3 Elyos Ranger farming guards, the only thing I did to you the first time I was there was Sleep Arrow you, sent you a smiley face, and that was it. It wasn't until you and a templar decided to turn on me, which surprised me and resulted me jumping to my death
  16. Theo/Brusthonin - A 3-channel zone Reshanta - A single channel zone I don't need to check when it's common sense by basically comparing the channels, but your comment is also objective because of the bots that are in those zones. I can go into further detail of why there are natually more numbers, but I'm just elaborating that just because more people are in PvE zones it doesn't mean they "obviously are enjoying the PvE content."
  17. I dont even mess with pinks when I'm rifting, but as soon as I get 4v1'd by a group, guess who decides to jump in on the fun also? Yeah the pink I left alone. It goes both ways, also....
  18. You talk about "toxic behavior" when people gank lowbies while rifting, but your post is just as toxic. There is literally no end game content for most lv50s to do so of course they are going to rift and gank people regardless of their level. Until 1.5 drops don't expect anything to change. This is a PvP game, people are going to PvP
  19. Just because people are spending time PvE'ing doesn't mean they are enjoying it. Ppl are still tryna get gear or do loot right runs to maintain a stable kinah income. And of course people will work on their Fenris/Miragents because it's more obtainable than 50e.
  20. Accepted the invite. Unfortunately I have to work tonight, but we can definitely talk tomorrow.
  21. Forum post bugged on me, cant edit...
  22. Yeah, so key that when Elyos popped Hellfire on us when we were defending Miren from Dredgion, they still couldnt push into the diety room before theygot wiped. Hellfire is nice, but last Miren's siege showed me that it's not as impactful as it was in the past. Yeah, so key that when Elyos popped Hellfire on us when we were defending Miren from Dredgion, they still couldnt push into the diety room before theygot wiped. Hellfire is nice, but last Miren's siege showed me that it's not as impactful as it was in the past. Yeah, so key that when Elyos popped Hellfire on us when we wer
  23. No shocker that Asmodians have dominated Siel and here are the 2 main reasons why from my perspective: 1. Elyos first fk'd up by making Trevyn Faction Leader. I never played in the server as him in OG Aion, but I've heard multiple times of his selfishness and greediness. And from what I've personally seen, those words hold true. Making Trevyn Faction Leader was the BIGGEST mistake Elyos could've have made. He got his Zapiel Spear and all of sudden thought he was untouchable, but the moment he got rolled he resorted to spamming nonsense in chat. If Trevyn spent time getting the factio
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