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  1. I could solve the issue by restarting over and over again and when the server selection screen was frozen, I was waiting like 5 min and I could log in. It worked ever since that way, but honestly shouldn't be an issue in the first place.
  2. Holy moly. That's incredible. Thanks for sharing. Can't imagine the work behind that.
  3. Great updates and Thanks for the extra EXP! I can see that there is a high demand on skins (which have 0 P2W advantage) and I second the requests to add more frequently a higher volume of skins. Skins are easy revenue for RL cash and is a no brainer for a online gaming business. I don't understand the hesitance to add more.
  4. I have the same issue to get onto ISRAPHEL after server reset. However, I can access Siel somehow. Tried to restart the client numerous times and can't log into the account past the server log-in screen. Advise appreciated! NOTE: I left the log-in screen for 5min and now I can log-in. Strange!
  5. I totally hear you there. The classic experience should be the real thing. However, at times, despite all efforts, the game starts to have imbalances and the GMs try to help and manage those. At times it seems like a cheat to the real experience but who can tell unless they trail, what's best? If you don't help, people complain. If you do help, people complain. I haven't seen an online game I've played, where people did not complain about something. It's just the nature of the best and to be honest, it's just a game.
  6. Great one! Some say it's not needed, some say its OP and some just enjoy the little boost. Forums allow everyone to QQ about anything. It's a game, it has proven itself before and a one week long EXP buff won't kill anyone. What's needed that everyone in this game is happy?
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