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  1. Group quests are dead. Party quest are going to die. Population is decreasing. We need a server merge. If you bought candies with real money. You are in for a nasty retribution. All that money you used to buy candies and fashion. You are going to waste all your effort and money when this game dies. The game is dying, Siel can't even reach 3k players on the weekdays. On the weekends there's only 3200 players. I won't be surprised when the player count drops this weekends.
  2. LETS SEE WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THE 4000 PLAYERS THAT ACTIVELY PLAYS THIS GAME DURING WEEKENDS. IF THAT PLAYER COUNT DROPS, YOU WONT BE SEEING ME PLAYING THIS GAME ANYMORE. I want to play a lively game and interact with the community. Not solo play or group play elites.
  3. Lol you blew $500 on this game? Are you making like $70k+ a year?
  4. Server Maintenance at 3 am Eastern instead in the morning? I think most of the playerbase will agree with me. Most people don't play past 2am. Well for me at least. Clipping was always an issue with games. You know when your armor goes in the wall when you stand next to the wall?
  5. You know what happened to MapleStory when monsters are so strong? They buffed all the monsters because players were killing them fast for fast xp. You needed to be funded to be able to kill the monsters. You cannot play MapleStory Lv 150+ if you don't buy good gear. Aion is basically playing the game that forces you to buy good gear. How do you do that? But Quna, buy those candies. Get the money and start enchanting your gear. Which is pay to win. Candies are useless in terms of use. It's only the money aspect. 1 million a day, 30 million a month.
  6. That's the problem with the game Not enough quests, too many repeatables = boring content. Killing 1 monster takes ages, I am playing sorcerer and I have to rest every 4 kills because I run out of mana. This game has the most depressing grind. In RuneScape, probably the best MMORPGs in 2021. You can do anything and you have access to every part of the map in your inventory. Aion is like WoW, big maps and if you want to get somewhere. You need to spend 2 minutes to get to that teleportation/flight taxi man. Who in the world thought 1 million xp requirements pre level 20s was a good i
  7. If the population goes down. Oh wells. I had my fun.
  8. Seriously? I am one of those players don't pay for a p2w game. I was happy when I bought a 1 year membership for $100 for OSRS. I never regretted it. I just wished I had more time to play OSRS since I have 2 jobs making minimum wage each which is 70k working 80 hours a week. Sucks to not gone to college. I can't even sleep.
  9. We want to see Aion reach 10000+ players on Siel. Once that happens we should play Aion without any excuses. I am not paying money to play a dead game. The only way this will happen is to remove anything that advances player's progression for money. People buying a 1 month subscription is just a trial. The renewal process is very important. While Aion classic is in the radar now, you should make the hasty decision to change. Once people stop talking about it, the changes you make to make thing right will be irrelevant. (Losing an opportunity to make good) I came into Aion when
  10. Watch this video. He is literally saying the same thing I am saying. Selling gold to players? Are you serious?
  11. NCSoft is allowing all the bad things to happen in the game. Before I begin, when we are speaking about this topic; leave out all the things going on in the black market. Let's compare to a more popular MMO, RuneScape. The players that are loyal to the game since 2001. What is equivalent to buying candy in RuneScape? Buying gold from the black market, which is real world trading. Who's idea was to sell gold to players to help them advance? If you have loyal customers the money just flows to you. No reason to try. Players enjoy the game, the more money you make. People don't want to b
  12. dead game How can I pay for subscriptions when people are paying to win the game? P2W doesn't only mean you pay money to be strong. P2W also means you pay money to save time. In 30 days, you should be max level and in 30 days you get 30m. Probably enough to max a weapon. I buy the subscription but I don't buy the candy. I will be in a losing battle against other players and the environment. If you don't know by now, the more you level up; the tougher the mobs get.
  13. Is it me or the game is forcing players to buy the subscriptions to unlock aethertapping? I failed 3 vortexes.
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