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  1. I also stopped playing, there no reason for me to keep going on Isra server, if they won't merge the server I'm not coming back.
  2. IS- Asmo lvl 50 So.. hmm.. first thing first, saw someone that keeps saying we don't need server merge on IS, hmm.. are you a fried brain chicken dude? At this point how the f*ck you can even say that shit out of your mouth? I'm really trying all day to even find a bot around to kill in heiron for the daily quest, all the areas are dead ass empty dude, wtf is wrong with you? You cant even make a party for Adma or Dc or anything, if you dont have premade or friends that still play on IS (that if they didnt move already on Siel like the cool guys) you can't do shit. Our lfg on asmo
  3. Huh, are you okei back there? Chill a bit ,,mate,,! lol
  4. People that recommend you to move to siel and quit isra are the people that you ruin this game! Moving or rerolling to the nice or great or big server will not help in this situation.
  5. So is obvious now that Isra server is not in a good state, sadly from the start, Isra was marked as the more casual server and also where most of the EU population started playing. I'm playing on asmo side and the lfg and the world mostly seems empty half of the day, also a lot of people already left from my legion and other big legions just so they can reroll on Siel. Another problem is the hours for the sieges, a lot of EU players can't even attend to siege because the hours are really late at night for us. There are a lot of Eu players on asmo side that want to participate in siege but sadl
  6. Change the siege time please, it's impossible for us EU players to attend.
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