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  1. I agree with technical fixes and slow tweaks to improve certain aspects of the game which are completely failing what they were orginally designed to do. I personally hope we see a lot of bug fixes because there are things that are just broken in the game. For example: in Asmodae, mobs that are invisible but can see the names of like the box monsters in Altgarde, some mobs reset when you fight them, getting stuck on terrain, skills breaking because of terrain like Ambush (if you have a plant in the way of it's teleport, it will deselect the enemy target and your character will have t
  2. Well, it completely depends on who has been put in-charge to run things. By who, I mean specifically who, and their ideas and motivations for the game. Even though NCSoft have a predictable reputation which automatically makes people's hearts sink when a good game returns run by the same people, will they continue making stupid mistakes? <- A good question, most will say yes, but the future could yet surprise us. AION is a good game, the development team have made mistakes, but I respect them bringing back Classic. It gives them another chance, and maybe some degree of hope for those that l
  3. Exactly when you can only play one character at a time. Also it's an account wide limitation. There's no reason to restrict char creation across servers, just let people make the maximum amount of characters on any server.
  4. As you guys are looking at catering for more than just one time zone on a server, which is perfectly fine by the way, I think it would be a good idea to have a regular rotation of opportunities during the day for sieges to happen. It would be a lot more interesting and allow more of a chance for everyone playing, regardless of time zone to participate in capturing fortresses.
  5. Not talking about clipping, I'm talking about getting stuck in the terrain and not being able to get out.
  6. Also, can you please do something about preventing people from getting stuck in terrain? People that get stuck in terrain are to them stuck in their fall state but to everyone else they are actually standing when they are not. Also /escape doesn't work.
  7. Haha! I know they used to post them, but it doesn't seem like that's a thing anymore
  8. Are there detailed patch notes anywhere we can have a look at all? Also pets that are only 30 days, what? How is that even a good deal for players?
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