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  1. lol Jeskal... I guess you play elyos for sure after this words... U talk only about rvr... And no , we can do nothing , absolutely nothing .The elyos are two to three times more numerous . And it's not just rvr on the game ... we are not enough within our own faction to be able to enjoy the content that the game offers, adma / draupnir etc. Anyway ... I imagine you are a pveboy, who enjoys being in the dominant faction, even if it has no opposition. It's good my boy ... make you a pvp stuff so that you don't have anyone to fight in front of you, explain the interest to me. You a
  2. Hello everyone , The server is dying, the Elyos in bad faith will say that the server is doing very well but it is clear that many Asmodians have left. Most of them left the game or simply started over to a character on the Siel server. We barely rated Asmodian to have fifteen level 50 characters to do dungeons etc and I would not even talk about the state of the rvr ... Personally, I don't want to start a character over again, I'm level 50, I paid a deava pass for the first month, which is already quite expensive ... It would be very appreciated if NC Soft rea
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