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  1. It is just pathetic and disproportional to the "crimes" committed, ban a whole legion because of 1 player mistake So I guess that in your country if someone blood related to you commits a murder, then your entire family goes to prison? That's a pretty nyerked up view. There are a bunch of valueable players everywhere, from every legion, not only on your New Elitist a*shats legion like it was on Siel First of all, you are not someone to decide what is an MR set or not, and you are not someone to decide what is a MAIN character or not If I still play my SW, I was goddamm sure goin
  2. Aw god, that was terrible And the time boost pack wasn't working properly for weeks, and when you finally fixed, you send us free reset scroll (wich is fine, you compensated us for the runs we lost), but you made all scrolls untradeable (wich is fine again, you cant trade runs with other players) but then you made Fissure scroll tradeable, in a form to stroke the players d*** to make them happy again selling the scrolls to make an extra and unexpected money!! RUNS CANT BE TRADED, then why you put the scrolls tradeable if not to touch players private parts and masturbate them, hoping they
  3. For me, the disrespect from this company goes beyond the fail Tia Event. NC disrespect us by allowing old hackers still roam around, how many known and confirmed hacker/cheaters you know from the past that still play to this date? There are countless hackers players, you don't need to use 2 brain cell to confirm it, because they go full blatant, they just don't care because you will never ban them, and all because they spend money on your store (maybe that's not the reason, but we know that some of them are heavy buyers). There is a difference between a new random hacker guy, and an old h
  4. You wonder? OFC not Maybe come back after 6.0, because right now AION is pure shit
  5. Everyone is ultra mad at NC not because they removed the BEST event ever, they are super mad because you guys removed the NPC before announce the server were going under a maint, really man, I cant even try to defend this. You should spawn the NPC for the next 24h and let players spend their coins, and yes, we do want your apologies, and plz dont come up with a BS Vinna II or exp event, nyerk those exp event, give an exp event its not good enough to compensate for this, we are all (at least MOST of us 75), giving exp event will result in giving something and nothing at the same time, because 7
  6. You dont have all the answer***, how do you take something down if you dont know whats happening, we are not idiots, we know you guys are gonna put this event back, and the drop wont be league anymore, wont be alliance, wont be group, it will be solo loot, maximum group loot, and it will have a chance to drop, so sometimes you will get 0 coins per fat And guess what you will do with the NPC selling rewards, 10k coins per Omega, 25k coins for +11 stones, we are not innocent, we know that you are going to do this
  7. Evergale crash all day = nyerks given Divine fail to give rewards = 0 nyerks given But make a worth event, that will literally make no diference in future not very distant = its crossing the line, lets take the server down!!!!!!! Taking the NPC down before the maint was a low blow! How about we all name every thing not work correctly on this thread?
  8. As I said before, want to end the bullshit of alts joining Evergale? Stop giving rewards to the loser side!!!!BS "everybody have to win something for participating yay, everybody is happy, we love everyone" is the reason why Evergale is so fuc**dup Loosers should get nothing! By this why there wont be alts joining that much for free stuff
  9. Yes, the system is fail, but its exactly because of people like you who f*ck up things, not its not your personal problem, because you enter alone, you enter and leave, and that damages the other person, that f*cks the other person cooldown, it makes them go down on rank because instead earn some miserable stupid points, you and other decide to leave, so no, its not only your problem, because you know what things are going, and you know what is gonna happen when you leave, so if you know about it, yes it is to keep the game fun to everyone, not being selfish and thinking about only you, becaus
  10. Arxaggelos, people like you is the problem, if you leave before the timer for the fight starts, the other person gets 0 points, thats so nyerking lame, its ridiculous, and the person lose their CD, this is freaking selfish and anti game, ppl like you should get warning ban!
  11. Be a stupid shit hacker and you will any shit easy, Ballerina
  12. No, it is not a bug, it is player really dodging When they see you going inside they know who you are they instantly skip because they dont want to lose to you, second there are players who try to apply with their ALTs, and when the QUEU fail, they pass I think they should Reduct the Points from the player who dodged, if not at least give 3 points for the win Today from 5 arena, I faught a Sorcerer from KT on my first entry, and then he instantly dropped the arena on my second run, making me earn 00000 points. This is absurd, and because I had to fight the moth*rf*ck*r s
  13. Maybe stop granting rewards to the losing side... ofc people will exploit if they can AFK. Gotta stop with this millennium sh*t and reward people for participation, winning stuff for just participating is embarrassing, look at sieges for example
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