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  1. His point still stands, if they actually looked at the ticket and clicked the link, they would've messaged him back saying they can't view it, assuming support even care enough.
  2. You missed nothing, go play a different game, you are only in for heart break.
  3. No one respects a smooth brain who doesn't research into said game before getting involved with it. Go play Final Fantasy if you want pve.
  4. Looks like the bug but a couple of their core members back in 6.x were botting so who knows, trust no one >:->
  5. Ah yes, the man who believes the Earth is literally flat.
  6. Just quit the game and troll the forums, forum drama is more fun than the game.
  7. To be fair, I would ban and laugh at everyone in the exact same manner.
  8. That's great but are there any plans to include the PVP Morph Recipe as well?
  9. "Video unavailable This video has been removed by the uploader" DAYUM SON! YOU GOT OWNED BY THE MAPLE SYRUP ARMY! New Thread theme:
  10. For future reference for anyone viewing this, grab the LTSC edition of Win10 along with something like O&O ShutUp 10.
  11. 1. Uninstall the game 2. Stick to one of the big 5 MMO's for now 3. Check out new MMO's releasing in the next few years
  12. Please remember to check pets and housing inventory! No mercy! HELLO DERA FRAN, BAN ALL DAY ALL TIME! Parry boi still has his youtube channel up, go say hi!
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