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  1. I think you need to understand that more or less this is how the game is going to be run. Either you are or are not ok with it, nothing is substantial is going to change. If you are not ok with it, just unsubscribe and move on. NCSoft won't notice any difference whether you delete your items or not.
  2. Of all the things in Aion Classic you could complain about, you choose this? My guess is you are animation hacker/AP trader who is just angry that you got exposed.
  3. Yes this is a PvP game: Purple vs Pink
  4. It sucks but these are the mechanics we are stuck with for better or worse. They only addressed the issues caused by rifting in much later patch. Things will get a bit better before then once 50s have something to do at endgame.
  5. I for one welcome our new [Jagrette] overlords!
  6. In other words: "To stop AP trading, NCSoft should totally kill PvP in AION". Right, got it. As if players are not already risk averse enough... It's not a design flaw at all, it has to due with player psychology and risk vs reward. People tend to extremely overemphasize when negative events happen to them. Dying and losing a ton of AP is already a huge feels bad moment. However, if the player knows they can die and still be AP positive on average, they are much more likely to continue playing this aspect of the game. You can fix the AP trading problem lots of different ways without
  7. 1.5 was supposed to be introduced with the Daeva Pass 3, just like KR. They did say that it was going to based on progression as a whole, but someone in LFG brought up a good point.. they may have to be delaying it because of SL. IS is more than ready as a whole, but SL needs more time to AP trade before dredgion.. so I think it'll be another month, unfortunately while we wait for SL AP traders to get sufficiently ahead.
  8. This is the ideal male body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.
  9. I generally try and not be negative, but the general reception to the news 1.5 not dropping wasn't received well by my legion. It sounds like people are debating whether to continue investing time and money into the game, pretty dire tbh. Also the new fort schedule took something that was really enjoyable and sucked the fun out of it. Having all 3 lower forts at a single time led to some really awesome siege shenanigans and strategy while also preventing one faction from getting to greedy. I looked forward to lower siege every Saturday previously, now its just gonna be another tower bashi
  10. "Make coins from Daeva Pass a ban offence again. Lock coins to daily." - Ancient Aion Forums Proverb
  11. Thanks Kibbelz. Would be nice to see another XP event sometime soon!
  12. For the people who can afford to pay, it does more for them to catch up to the no lifers than it does for the no lifers due to how progression difficulty scaling works. So yes, it is a lot of money, but if you can afford it a more casual player gets more out of it than the no lifers with nothing to do other than play AION. It should be free / more like $5 IMO. But that is a whole different discussion to whether it should exist or not.
  13. Essentially the way I see things, P2W essentially changes the power dynamic in games from NEETs/retired people/college students slacking on their studies to people with large disposable income. In my opinion catering too much to one of these groups makes the game not enjoyable for the average person who has an average job / family commitments etc. Cater too much to NEETs and your player base has very little money, can’t afford to fund development. Cater too much to wallet warriors and no one can compete with them. Daeva pass strikes a nice balance in between where for a small amount of ex
  14. There is varying degrees of P2W though. Because I bought Daeva pass, I got 3 extra major crowns. But that didn't even buy me one piece of 40e, it just saved me a few hours of grinding. I still have to play the game a ton to get my gear. That is very different from just being able to flat out buy a +15 40e set fully socketed with MR.
  15. I don't disagree with the sentiment, but if you think original AION was ever a game where skill > gear, you haven't been paying much attention. For better or worse there is a huge amount of vertical progression in AION since day 1. Its also obviously evident in other parts of the game design: a level 40 trying to hit a level 41 not only has to deal with the potential huge gear disparity, but the game even penalizes them due to the level difference making the level 50 near invincible. The people complaining about P2W nowdays mostly don't care that gear > skill, they just care that n
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