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  1. You are underestimating the power of the mighty dollar my dear friend...
  2. I doubt you will understand, so no point entertaining this conversation any longer. Have a good day
  3. To start off, yes it seems like NC is only making plays in spite of what player base want. But grieving @Kibbelz and insulting him it's incredibly stupid as he is just the official Forum Moderator. NC corporate doesn't listen to their player base, it's the beginning of month 3 and y'all should now that by now. The way I see it you have 2 choices, either uninstalling the game or continue playing, but crying like little kids on the forum won't help with anything at all. A lot of people are already quitting, and those who didn't are definitely dropping their play time to as
  4. SPOT ON! I've done FT over 150 times and never seen the Polearm that I am after. I will buy it as soon as someone will sell it and never step foot in that cursed instance.
  5. they'll probably charge us a DLC type fee to unlock the content
  6. would be really nice to get an exp event and increase the drop rate in instances. I ran over 150 FT's and never seen a polearm drop.
  7. good joke haha. next maintenance will be all about how can they scam players out of their $$
  8. Why have you removed the coins from the daeva pass? WTF the only reason I bought that was cause of the coins to be able to gear myself while levelling up. This is a big slap on the face of ppl who spend money in this game.
  9. it was literally all over lfg, everyone was complaining about this issue, hence the urgent maintenance. it had to be emergency because people do not get their rewards in the daeva pass, myself included.
  10. probably you have lived under a rock since yesterday...the maintenance is about the daeva season 2 pass rewards. they are fu..ed. information about is everywhere, lots of ppl complaining.
  11. bring back exp event, sensitive thing to do for all the uncertainty we went through since yesterday.
  12. @Kibbelz would be nice to give 100% exp this weekend as a reward for the "patience"
  13. I agree, the daeva pass needs to have better rewards. As someone who completed the missions by buying some of the levels, right now I am considering not buying the pass again if the rewards are not satisfying. Last rewards were decent to say the best but you could do a lot more for the players.
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