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  1. You're obviously Ignorant about the situation so I forgive you.
  2. Sure. They can do this but not do a hot fix on more relevant things? You know what I mean? Like how long does it take to do all of that? I doubt it's not even going to take a day of their time and they do maintenance once a week.
  3. @Kibbelz What even is this maintenance for, if you don't leave patch notes? Come on people you guys makes no sense!! Pathetic!!!
  4. @Kibbelz Where is the hot fix for the Siege???? this is getting ridiculous with how slow the response is...
  5. Buddy I think you're in the wrong forum
  6. I just want to ask and resolve this current debate about the faction PvP buff. Is it true that the faction PvP buff exist in the current patch? And if so what influence ration percentage does the opposite faction needs to have the PvP buffs? Can any of the admins please reply to this, to confirm. Thanks!
  7. You mean most of them got banned because of AP trading and hacking? LOOOOOOOOL
  8. Here you go bud! https://www.aiononline.com/news/Dark-Poeta-1-5
  9. They're really good at disappointing their players don't they? 🤑🤑 Cash grabbers
  10. Who is this joker? Dude gtfo of the server and forum. What a donny.
  11. Everyday the game gets less and less exciting.
  12. So it's been a month without any actions against, ap traders and hackers. The server is at a standstill on verge of collapsing. The player base has decreased drastically like the North Pole with it's ice melting at a rapid phase. So basically what I'm saying is, if they don't act soon enough there will be nothing left for them. I myself am boycotting anything that NCSOFT releases in the future.
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