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  1. Before this explodes into a giant shitfest I would like to remind everyone that Kibbelz is the middle-man here and is just passing along information. Furthermore, he is an actual human being, not just some pixels on your screen. Play nice.
  2. Did you put the wrong birth date in originally?
  3. This is correct, there are a lot of EU on Elyos side too (there's even a legion named eu waiting room). I could be wrong but my understanding was Israphel has an even bigger EU player base. I believe the earlier sieges are ok, but the later ones are at like 2-4am in the UK. Which is obviously out of the question for the majority of them.
  4. You are reading it incorrectly. Only the top line under world next to 'lvl 50's' are the 50's, underneath is a breakup of every class online at the time of siege and the bottom line is the total online population.
  5. Those are total numbers, not 50's. All I said was that the 50's make the difference and are a better indication. Again, not trying to argue that most issues aren't born out of laziness/giving up on the Elyos side. Have a good one.
  6. Yeh, I edited that immediately, well before your post, but thank you. Literally the last post by Forth shows 416 asmo 50's compared to 306 Elyos 50s. Not trying to argue that a lot of the issues aren't due to lack of effort, just pointing out that Elyos do not have higher numbers.
  7. I am just trying to understand how you came to the conclusion that Elyos outnumber Asmos.
  8. Are you just looking at the total numbers? These include bots and lower levels, look at the lvl 50s, they tell a different story.
  9. 🤗 that was fun lol. It's an example of what communication can accomplish.
  10. Untrue. I was out there fighting them in plat coin gear. I have 3 pieces of 30e now, the only pvp attack i have is the daeva pass title. I compete by not giving up. Furthermore some of us do try to help others. I always turn up in Heiron when Asian Express is camping Jep.
  11. Look, I don't want to get into a shit slinging match with you. I said earlier that I was able to do reps for hours, it was along side other legions working together, it is possible. Take from that what you want.
  12. I am almost always out in the abyss (when online) and will come to lowers etc if ppl are being farmed by 50s. It's about communication, get to know other legjons and speak with them. There are always groups out, rebellion, choppa gang and fighter to name a few. I think the main issue is that people are just too quick to throw their hands in the air and give up, gotta change that mentality! Regarding camping in Heiron, same thing, speak to people. It's easy for me to talk yes, but not because I am on the winning side. I am Elyos, I rolled elyos because I knew asmo were going to domi
  13. Depends on your level. 30-40 can grind non-elites in the ua, do drake repeats etc and are usually left untouched by asmos. 40s-50s can grind inner forts (I know, sounds absurd right?). It's actually quite simple, 3 single groups working as a collective can efficiently grind repeats and repell asmos when they form. When they reach ultimate form (approx 20-30 asmos), move to the next fort. They will be chuffed with themselves thinking they've won and go back to whatever it was they were doing. I got about 3 hours of solid grinding in yesterday before I got bored (and some good kills).
  14. I honestly feel really bad for Kibbelz. The dude tries with the limited resources he is given, and all people seem to do is sling shit at him.
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