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  1. Yes, they auto charged me last month. Had to login to account on browser, click on aion subscriptions and cancel it. they also charged me a day or 2 before my siel aura ended... so better to do it soon.
  2. that is really good news, its strange that they haven't even bothered to let players know. hope you are correct. I just don't have faith in Ncsoft anymore, thats all.
  3. At this point I'm 100% sure it will be just DP only. If dredg and others were coming, I'm sure they will let everyone know to keep their players playing or bring more players in. I seriously hope I'm wrong. From day one I feel like their agenda was to how fast we can destroy the game. and I'm sure there are plenty of players that are willing to help NCsoft for free on how to run this bloody game to a success but of course NCsoft of and their 3 life and mana potions a day tactic works to keep this game alive. so thank god for that.
  4. I have reported certain individuals from PW with evidence of AP trading and they are still around. They mostly AFK at premium till their AP trade cooldown is off. You will not see them farm guards much but full of AP gear.
  5. NO but instead if you login to the game 6 days in a row, you will get TWO Day 6: [Event] Lodas Amulet III x2 Enjoy.
  6. "Login event begins (log into game each day for a survey containing useful items, next week will include some VERY useful items for 1.5 preparation!)" I seriously hope you do not mean 10 life potions is the very useful item thats going to bring back players.
  7. OMG - you are so detached from the game. I guess this is what happens when you provide a service without using them yourself. How the hell is 10 mana potions and junk going to help players, specially to bring back players? Due to amounts of bots, consumables and everything else is so very damn cheap, so 10 of these are useless. What players need is good incentives to keep playing till 1.5 and specially players that quit or don't play much, a way to bring them back. Just stop being so stingy and give players something that makes them come back. Its been one fail event
  8. I wonder how the whales are feeling, imagine after spending $5000 to get everything, the game is dead xD, love it.
  9. 3 known AP traders are still AP trading, meh...
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