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  1. I sent in a ticket and they said they will look into it i dont know when we will be expecting an update or at all tbh but you should send in a ticket too! Lets get it!
  2. Yea! Im also pretty sure the elyos title is missing "The first" too because they sent us both the title for asmo and elyos and they r both still the same as the normal fenris/miragent titles @Kibbelz
  3. https://imgur.com/a/TYdHbu6| Oh yea forgot link pic TOP: Original fenris title Bottom: the first title still the same
  4. I got the title sent to me, used it and the stats i gained form it was indeed the first fenris fang but it didnt show <The first fenris fang> but still showed the normal <Fenris's Fang> Bugged title name i think ^^ unsure if the other title was bugged too pls look into it!
  5. A no brainer. What is everything we worked for and play till today if theres not enmough people on any sides in a pvp game?
  6. Seige is something thats very specific who can/want to attend because of commitment and also most importantly, timezone. NA itself have EST and PST and here we also have another problem in classic where EU also dimed in which makes seiges attendance fluctuate ALOT. Honestly i dont mind if the elyos is 2:1 us, honestly thats fine as long people attend and lvl up, it will still be fine, fun and competitive. However like Xeno said, this double XP event ruined it all. Our top legion in asmo all left for siels and many followed suit. Our legion "Worry" is just staying here having a good time i
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