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  1. you can buy all of the item necessary for stigma q from shugo npc next to entry shugo, he also have daily q for groggie which is thei currency quest is easy to do, takes few min max but you will need to do it for few days for enough items
  2. really don't know about that, it was released in korea with 1.5, info regarding that is on their patchnotes and only inability I see is of a team to inform us of such change
  3. they also had 1.5 after 2 months of the game we are not Korea as was obviously stated
  4. are you sure we have hard cap? in early patches we had soft cap, 440 = 44%, then like every 1 crit was 0,5% chance increase till 560 i guess, and 0.2% later on
  5. that quest is repeatable only 20 times, so whats the difference if you can do it in 10 days or 5... so if you do quest in reshanta that requires quest drop, and you kill 30 mobs to turn in one go like 5-6 quest is it against ToS as well? or if you will get 5 wines in SR and quest only need 4 will it be to much? you are just pathetic to ban people for it, now its just excuse cause it was your mistake but you can't admit to be wrong
  6. yes, it starts everyday same time, like 5pm EEST/EET, so its like 7am PDT/PST
  7. it started as normal daily reset lag, but something went wrong, after 20 minutes all was still frozen, and u cant relog now
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