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  1. Faction heads are now quitting, and Siel Elyos are losing even more players everyday because of this. @Kibbelz Here's a whole thread of it. DO something!!!
  2. Siel Israphel Siel is slowly on it's way into turning into Israphel.
  3. SI = Asmos wiping elyos off the server IS= Elyos wiping Asmos off the server Both are free farming why not merge, the pvp needs some serious help.
  4. From what I've seen IS is all elyos and SI is all asmodae. At this point both races are just free farming servers and waiting until merge. Can we just merge them already so we can have intrestering pvp fights vs playing on free farm servers. Elyos Dominate one server Asmos Dominate another server (elyos pls lmao) Let's combine them and enjoy this game before the next big game comes out.
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