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  1. Certain quests not showing

    Shucks. Oh well. Thank you!
  2. Certain quests not showing

    Something I have googled and I have done it both ways: checking and unchecking the box next to "Display low level quests." The lil green arrows are simply not showing for every quest which means I may miss some and I want to do them all. Currently in Altgard, level 26 and I nearly missed a couple of Altgard observatory quests if it wasn't for me checking (coz I remember there being a pecku quest). Any way to fix this?
  3. Weapons here, weapons there quest

    Hi! So I go in and out of playing phases and so maybe a month ago I got the titled quest and now it has (incomplete) next to it. Does that mean I can't do it anymore or? I've played Aion in the past where I got as far as...Morheim? Maybe. I just don't remember the titled quest.
  4. Why has my character's name become a string of numbers?

    OH! Of course I noticed the change in servers. Thank you, you're a star. <3
  5. Is there a way of reversing this? I wasn't on for a few weeks and suddenly it's like this. All of my characters have lost their names.