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  1. Why is the points required nerfed from ~19k to 15.2k??
  2. Can say the same for bakarma. Stingy dude keeps dropping blue rings. Maybe its my loot debuff...
  3. That was the original intention and justification of the SR ban. Execution was a disaster. The differences in execution between SR and the AP trade banning is night and day. Still yet to see anyone proclaiming their innocence on the forums yet for this ban wave. Fair to presume ban hammer is spot on.
  4. Lol lucky the buff is sh1t otherwise there would be a major uproar. This doesn't detract from the fact that it is another stuff up from ncwest, that is once again coupled with incompetence (claiming working as intended) and deflection (asking for evidence that is already provided and kicking the can down the road i.e passing onto another imaginary department).
  5. Haha, that serves them right! That being said, they're probably going to be even more hesistant investigating the AP traders now, as it going to hit them further financially. People are also hitting charge backs to scam back the company that scammed them.
  6. Its the norm just like on Aion retail. Like the game itself, the maintenance timing is all RNG.
  7. Its easy for us Aion veterans to understand, but these GMs have no clue about Aion and don't have the man power to investigate further. We just gotta look at how they've handled the SR ban wave to see how they operate lol.
  8. Yes, we all know its a serious matter but there's a more deeper issue to this. Firstly, the NCwest team are under-resourced and don't have the intimate game knowledge of Aion. They rely on NC korea to spoon feed them otherwise they simply stuff things up, i.e SR ban wave. They are now shy to act. Secondly, banning the AP traders will hit them hard financially. These whales pour a lot of money into the game. With the game's population already fast declining, these whales are important to keep the game afloat and pay the wages of the gaming team. Jobs would be at risk if you ban too ma
  9. Based on what has happened to Aion retail, no not really. With aion retail, from 2014 onwards, the palyerbase dropped with every successive patch. The incentives and events worked at the time to retain existing players, not necessarily gain new players. Apply this to Aion classic, barely 3months in, the population has dropped off a cliff. Being 12year old game, they definitely wont be gaining new players. It's all about playerbase retention at this point and possibly gaining back the players who recently quit. No new fresh player will play this game. They've already stuffed it up with the
  10. Ah yes, banning the whales would be a conflict of interest also. Don't sh!t where you eat 😀
  11. Gotta sympathise with the NCwest team. They are under-resourced and incompetent. Banning AP traders takes up alot of resources and manpower. Just look at the SR ban wave debacle, and how the company handled it lol. You would understand that they're scared of getting it all wrong and the playerbase going nuclear again.
  12. Because the bakarma hotfix was provided by NCsoft korea and handed to the NCwest team on a platter. All they needed to do is apply it, ez pz. Even the 1-man team at NCwest can do this. Things like banning AP traders and SR exploiters require more resources and effort. Since the NCwest team are incompetent and have no clue on the game unless they're spoonfed by NCsoft Korea, nothing gets done. That's why they royally stuffed up the SR bans, because they tried to do something and got it horribly wrong hence are now staying low. NCwest's plan of attack is to stay low and ignore/deflect the
  13. The bakarma hot fix patch was actually included in the later patch in korea, but NCwest is implimenting this fix earlier than scheduled as a stop gap measure. They simply don't have the resources to patch it to 1.5 atm lol. There's been so much stuff ups since classic launch, and they're now being gun shy.
  14. 🤣🤣 Trust NCwest to ban the bakarma lava groups before anything else is done. Meanwhile, AP traders are still ravaging the server.
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