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  1. all the WB are being farmed by the top 4 legions and are on lockdown , dont waste your time on this my friend
  2. Speak with your wallet boys , dont buy their overpriced deava pass. this is OUTRAGEOUS.
  3. their turn will come dont worry !
  4. do you even know what ban waves mean ? facepalm , go back to kibbelz original update and read it entirely this time.
  5. Gratz , still waiting for my turn to come ! lol damn
  6. Hell no it's not , you should always have a non extend with you , greater damage output for PVE + same goes for PVP depending on the situation of course. ppl claiming being pro-glad and they dont even know the basics.
  7. you should switch the WE by I .. quit including US in your whining.
  8. @Fairladyz-KTNext one is for me with a discount please .. for an old friend hahahaha ! gratz on the drop !
  9. Yuh , a simple legend ! lol keep up the smacking ! xD
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