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  1. This is the worst take. You think freebies is why classic is failing? Not the rampant cheating, day one pay to win, absurd faction imbalance, forts broken for months, awful events, gross mismanagement, etc? It would require ~182 runs to get 36 fading marks marks. People are asking for 60 or 90 runs. They played the game enough. Items you work hard for should be useful forever but they're not in this game. People don't want to grind when they know their stuff is useless in 2.0.
  2. Imagine invading everyone's privacy by using a tool that uploads all your personal data to a public website, as well as the data of others without their consent, then complaining that people used the data.
  3. @Kibbelz @Loki Several months ago I contacted support because I could not log into the game (launcher spinning forever). Now I'm contacting them because of server-wide disconnects. In both instances, they blamed my connection. Firstly, the support team does not know how to read a WinMTR log. I will give an example of a log I sent and my interpretation. |------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | WinMTR statistics | | Host -
  4. Am I reading this right: you thought a 40% proc rate was normal in a Korean MMO?
  5. Can we get visibility on these disconnects? @Kibbelz@Loki Only one chance to kill the boss of Dark Poeta, in an instance that takes over an hour. People get disconnected, even though their internet is fine, they are talking on Discord, and others on the same network are still in game. It closes the client after a disconnect, which takes minutes to close and open again, ensuring you're gone long enough to lose the fight. People are frequently losing S-Rank for no reason. Every group I've talked to has lost runs due to disconnects. We even had two people disconnect at
  6. For pvp you would need 50e leather, which takes months to get. You would contribute no damage, so 1v1 physical classes would just walk away from you and magical classes would blow you up. In dredgion it'd be useless because chanters never get focused. Also hope you don't get hit with a -evasion debuff, which all physical damage classes have, negating your entire build. It would only have use in the arena if they release it, because people can't run from you. Most chanters just full dps, hp, block, or magic resist instead. For group pve, it doesn't help, except against some boss adds. You'
  7. Who do you think owns bots? AP traders and hackers buy kinah from RMT bots or bot themselves. Or did you think people willing to AP trade and hack would stop the cheating there? Have you considered that the game could be balanced without bots? Just change the drop rates. Is this really such an elusive solution? P2W is the biggest silver platter there is. You can't be for P2W and also insulting people who want a silver platter. Did you seriously ask them to add more pay to win AP crowns, further destroy the alchemy economy with excessive scroll rewards, and give food buffs that are be
  8. I just want to know why you sent out surveys and spent over a month analyzing an obviously dead server.
  9. We killed it with one alliance. Were you not able to?
  10. Did someone hit the surk to aggro the boss before you got the first hit on the boss? That's my only guess because first hits worked for my groups.
  11. Hi, I'm the player you left out of your chart. I'm loaded, I can play all day, and I still hate P2W.
  12. In retail they disabled trading and gave everyone a bot. Yes, you read that right. They are that stupid. They're repeating all the same mistakes that made retail a failure. It's as if the people working at NCSOFT are bots too. The meme potential here is amazing.
  13. Locke


    This happens to me too. Click the button and sometimes nothing happens.
  14. It's funny that people distrust NCSoft so much that the only responses to threads now is "I do not see the point of it". Thanks for your thread. I guess I won't be playing their games when I travel. Just another thing that sucks about this company. Meanwhile, bots are running 24/7 since launch, the SR exploiters only get a couple days ban, and the discord thinks NCSoft won't ever ban anyone so they created their own wall of shame. This is so comically bad. The worst part is it's exactly what everyone expected.
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