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  1. Templar is one of the best 1v1 classes... Executor... nobody knows how to play it or against it yet... brand new class...
  2. EU is cancer if you like it so much then stop logging in to cry on the forums and in LFG just go
  3. It's been three weeks and zero communication. Where is this guy? lol
  4. "My hacks are fine but your hacks aren't allowed." ~ShugoConsole users
  5. I mean, they could just fix the drop rate instead of making us pay for things we used to have.
  6. pve player with eight characters discovers pvp gear for the first time wears steel rake gear to dredge and gets shredded, doesn't realize what's happening, talks mad rubbish I'm glad your legion is finally venturing outside its bubble and asking questions about gear added like five patches ago
  7. They had non-stop events giving balaur mats for like half a year. Then it abruptly ended, they killed all drops, and even added a legion daily that consumes balic mats. This game is a casino. You could wake up tomorrow and the items you have on broker are worthless, like the people who paid big money for an omega helm or enchantment stones, right before they showered the server with items. Or your items could be super valuable because they just inexplicably delete all drops. People are getting screwed both ways by them CONSTANTLY messing with artificial shortages and abundances.
  8. I'd rather not turn the game into a cringe children's cartoon again like retail. I'm not sure why classic exists just to become exactly like retail.
  9. They often post in military time and don't say what time zone...
  10. You know the game is dead when people cheer on pay to win.
  11. Buff -> Purchase 2200 coins for one hour.
  12. Take the average price of godstones in the Radiant Lesser Godstone Pack and multiply by 10/35 Radiant Tokens.
  13. Fortuneers isn't free. You lose 8m kinah worth of tokens.
  14. You need more DPS. It doesn't fully reset, just periodically does a partial heal.
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