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  1. Wow you're still playing lol, alright so i just got one last question to see whether it's worth giving a shot or just move on, how hard it is to get those new daevanion skills? Can they be obtained via farming or are they just cash shop based ( i don't mind spending here and there as long as it's profitable and i don't have to do it always)
  2. Hello everybody and possibly former/old templars within this community, I'm opening this thread to ask about the current status of templars pvp wise, if there is any old school templar around or people that actually pvped with one and have a high knowledge regarding the class that could give me some feedback about it, i would really appreciate it, i stopped playing right after 6.0 launch due to the huge nerf hammer we recieved, that and the ugly transformation system, been playing templar and glad basically since the first day i stepped this game back in 2k11 and i kinda feel like i want to gi
  3. So like, anyone knows if extendable weapons are going to be viable this patch ? i heard something about we can't fuse extends with pvp weapons confirm / deny ?
  4. So like, isn't anybody going to say anything about the current insane amount of lag spikes in game ?
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