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  1. Agreed!.. Now that merge has happened there isnt a place left on the map to find an omen not being camped already. Now some ppl have no problems intruding on that person and ks them, but for those of us who arent rude... it would be nice to see more omens spawned or higher drop rate on the charms so we can do the daily and move on with our lives. Other than that its not a bad event for the rewards.
  2. Yes this!... forever sounds great to me but if you cant do that then maybe look into shortening the time on it. for many of us that moved from a low population server with a much smaller economy, it will be a very very long time before we have the kinah to afford 5-15+ bill for another mansion.
  3. Legion warehouse? Is it better to remove all items and kinah prior to the merge for safe keeping... or can you promise that these things will be moved without harm?
  4. Ive ran a few successful SFT this event and a whole bunch of crashed ones. I dont like to go anymore cuz I hate ruining it for those in the group who dont crash. This year the event has been extremely disappointing.
  5. I got 5 frostforge hats the other day in an hour grind.. useless since I need chronos not hats but its a drop increase from normal. I really wish they would put armor drops back into Norsv/illuma mobs.. it gave me a reason to go out and farm them.. now its a waste of time.. they ruined those maps too now
  6. I just sent in my 2nd ticket regarding this issue.. after waiting 2 days for a reply to the first one only to be told Hello, Thank you for contacting us and I apologize for the delay of our response due to high volume of our tickets. We believe your reported issue should be resolved at this time. Please try to apply the code again and let us know if the issue persists. Ofc it wasnt so i replied to let them know it still needed some attention. 2 days later : Hello, Thank you for your update. At this time, the issue is currently being reviewed by the proper dep
  7. Well not really resolved.. Im still unable to apply my prestige I paid for.. I did finally get a reply to my ticket I sent on wednesday saying its been sent to the 'proper department'.. I guess its a start. On a positive note I am able to complete a SFT run without crashing.
  8. Problem still there yes.. ticket is still up without reply as well.. I'll check it again tomorrow, was going to spam some instances for the xtra bonus xp for anniversary day with my prestige pack.. cant run SFT(-lag/dc) either.. Happy Anniversary tho
  9. Been running the 32 bit.. that wasnt it.. my cpu runs at bout 87% when aion is open.. memory is 1.5-1.8 mill after less than 2 mins logged into the game.. fps is at 12 and normally runs 40-60.. This is a new problem since maintenance yesterday, I rarely lag or have any issues running the game until now and I highly doubt its my PC acting up... did a file repair just to see if that helped.. logged an alt and ran another instance and got Send Log again, screwing 2 people along with myself from getting an S rank.
  10. Also have this issue and dont want to run the instance and ruin other peoples chance as well as my own of getting an S rank. The client shows 1.3 - 1.8k million memory usage so my CPU is at a constant 50-60% and phys memory at about 87%.. this doesn't change if I put all graphics to their lowest settings either... if I log 2 clients then Im at about 3 fps in Panda near all the people. quite disappointing... been waiting and looking forward to SFT since it ended last time.
  11. same problem here.. sent a ticket yesterday and have yet to receive any word on this issue as of yet.
  12. I Agree to all of the above. would sure make it much more worth paying for. I'd also like a chance at a house someday that wont cost billions.
  13. Long ago I transferred a char and everything in my warehouse, pets and studio cabinets were right where I put them safe and sound. I wasn't sure about the Kinah so to be safe i took that out.
  14. Since the release of 5.6 I have noticed many visual bugs that range from Zzz's long after sleep has worn off... red glows under my feet.. aetherhold lightening surrounding my spirit... and so on.. Most are minimal and can be worked around. But there is one that I have gotten several times now that is super bad and requires me to relog to get rid of it since it is physically painful to the eyes to try and play with..
  15. With all of these 'quality of life ' UI updates to make access to certain aspects of the game simpler... My suggestion is to have it be part of the UI to change stigmas wherever we are whenever we want to. As a support class I could easily swap stigs several times a day depending on the group/solo/instance situation Im in at the time.
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