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  1. People were using the no-CD entry quest and then TP hacking to the boxes, making millions of kinah an hour. I'm all for the SR hate (unfun instance) but those bans were 100% justified for the ones that landed on the right people (personally aware of a number of people that got 7day bans and were not doing this).
  2. @Kibbelz I have to admit I'm very pleasantly surprised by this. The community greatly apprecaites this action and the communication. For extra clarification so that we fully understand the action that has been taken: * PvP combines: were PvP combines removed e.g. PvP weapon under a Lannok etc * Godstones from officer kills, removed? * Stigmas/Consumables, removed? I understand that NC will not want to provide a list of who has been banned, but would it be possible for you to give us the breakdown of perma bans/gear strip numbers on actioned accounts? It is promising to hear that
  3. If NC is only going to do temp bans (of any length) literally don't bother. Gear Strip/Perma Ban or bust. No other solution will do*. Thanks for your time, looking forward to being disappointed in 24/48 hours! ❤️
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