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  1. Judging from most of your posts I can't tell if: you're an awful person, have too much time on your hands, a combination of both, or Aion is your ex and you just can't let Aion go. I'm going with none of the above and the answer is trolling is fun, I agree. Trolling people irl is more fun though. Try this: go to a restaurant, get a table near a window, order, get up and leave before it arrives, then watch through the window as inconspicuously as possible while the waiter becomes confused and frustrated. You get to watch people waste time AND money! Granted trolling online is ea
  2. I thought no one does the weapon invasion anymore? 74 min a week if you have boost for Mirash, how many do you need to level up an A class for example?
  3. What about 74; 5600mb/1k crit spell, 22k hp post buff?
  4. Not even for the 10 minion contracts to feed to your main minion??
  5. Really? Link to video? We assumed it would be nearly impossible without using resources (consumables etc) or class specific spells.
  6. Virtual OS and alts my friend haha. I don't like wasting people's resources or time, I'll do it myself. P:
  7. GP + Minion. Also agreed with the sentiments on the second part of your post. Easy way for scrubs like me to get to 4 star without a fully decked out PvP set kek. (^: Spire/Arena/ToE/A.Dredge. Especially since I'm tired af of EB. Pretty sure Frozen Monolith/Evergale gives mats for AP80. If you meant for PvE specific gear then similar idea except you trade the soulstones for Graywolves and wait for the NPC to finally show up with the accessories.
  8. I'm sure they made it untradeable because it's integral to the story (and probably took a tonne of effort to make) so they want people to actually look forward to gearing up and going there. At least that's what I hope it is. Making it tradeable will just have less and less people attend the instance because it requires teamwork/communition. I mean look how few people do CoE3b and ToE4b. 3b is not even that difficult, all you have to do is listen if you're not a caller and move a bit purposefully. ToE4b though was not something to be trifled with pre 5.8 though, but even post I rarely see
  9. Rip there goes putting marks/medals on other toons to get supps from UA/Levin.
  10. Yes this, also to make sure you get that free row of space before it's not possible post 6.0. I think I'm going to do Cooking for expert (to get the extra row) and Master construction (just as something different) later on just before 6.0 hits I guess.
  11. In the later instances you will be using Earth mostly due to many of our spells that we will use most frequently is Earth (and Earth spirit reduces their Earth Ele Res) and it can actually live long enough to do something if you can manage them well. Wind is best used in open world as it's fast and you don't have to worry about it dying (bonus for open world encounters as it can chase down people along with stun). Use Fire if you have Phys classes for SWoP and PDef reduction. I rarely ever use water except for DR/IDR and that's only during Event drops. Lastly I only ever use La
  12. 5x backdraft with instant cast put a smile to my face. The alacrity into spirit is...okay I guess. Vacuum choke into summon wind servant lol. Will still be custom chaining it with alacrity. Erosion into Root of Enervation? PvP efficiency is naise. However summoning spirits only available after alacrity means you gotta be more careful with your spirit dying. Rip so lazy to use all strip spells in PvP but now I guess I have to since it got reduced 1 buff. Root merge helps me clean my bar so my OCD can chill. But hot damn can't complain with 50% up time on IB, 100% uptime on S
  13. Hello, Myself and a legion mate has been experimenting/practicing how to efficiently complete fissure for a long time now as it was a quick source of EXP/AC. It took us awhile but we have found a pretty full proof way of acquiring A rank with 3 fatties (he has been able to do it consistently, he's the mastermind behind the A rank efficiency! I helped him with the B rank perfection first and then gave input. Heavy credit to him and his consistent practice.). Here's the video and good luck! With the extra loot that comes with Fissure now it is a good idea to start running it again for
  14. Is there a timer? lol good to know for my alts in the future I guess. SM smashes them in about a minute and a half to two depending on how lazy I am. You're welcome and happy grinding! Yes you do, just like if you run it regularly. LOL! Cats out of the bag. I doubt it's possible for them to make a full proof way unless they make it back to the old versions and multiply the exp accordingly.
  15. Hello community, I was told you could increase your warehouse by reaching one of the upper levels of old crafting with one of the rewards. Are there any other quests/methods for this? Since they are removing old crafts in 6.0 it's probably wise to do it before it arrives. Thank you and keep chill everyone Edit: While we're on topic since my friends have done Alchemy/Foods I was thinking of doing Furniture. However I'm weighing practicality and ease of mats purchasable on the broker since I don't plan on tapping. Which of the old crafts are the "easiest" to level up in terms
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