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  1. Actually, I did just start playing when Anion Classic was released. I never had the chance to play the original version. NC puts new skins in its shop regularly, so there is no reason they couldn't add some cool-looking , more realistic armor. I have been a gamer for many years. I know not to expect too much from certain companies, but if no complaints or suggestions are made, nothing ever gets better. Yeah, I like the glad and temp armors. They are more realistic.
  2. Do you play Elyos or Asmo? I can't speak for the Elyos side, but I play an Asmo cleric and SM. The armors are all thigh high stockings, mini skirts, high heels and super low cut tops. Any time I fly, I get panty shots of my character. And who the hell runs and fights in high heels? Lol Seriously, I don't mind that those are appearance options for my toons, I just wish there were a few more serious or practical-looking options that gave the impression of a fighting magic-user, not some girl going out to the clubs.
  3. Could you PLEASE offer more female armor options for each class that don't make your character look like either a prostitute or naughty school girl? Something without high heels and that resembles the men's armor. You know, something that actually LOOKS like it might offer some protection. When I saw your newest skin for sale on the Quna shop, I was really disappointed. "Black Sheer Set. " So sexist. 🙄🙄🙄
  4. Why isn't there any cool, protective armor available for female characters? The armor sets all make our characters look like either strippers or naughty school girls. Calling it "armor" is laughable, as it obviously protects nothing and gives the undie shots every time you fly. Is this game made by 15 year old boys? I like cute outfits, too, but it is insulting that there are no serious looking armor sets for female characters. There are so many female players and you are sending them a horrible message. Please join this century and update your armor selections to include options that act
  5. How do I add a note to my character info that is displayed when another player clicks on me? I saw someone with a note under theirs and would like to do the same. Thank you for any help you can give me.
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