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  1. What they say about players: How they act about players:
  2. Cabinets

    Thx a lot
  3. Cabinets

    I was looking for cabinets that I have not yet and found that I'm missing these two below. Are they from any event? Cute Fungus Cabinet Shugo Butler's Cabinet Besides, I already have these others, is there any missing? I need more space Q_Q
  4. Beloved Costume?

    Are you talking about this one from 2014? Yes, please!
  5. Satisfaction survey

    @Azzmaria-KT Actually I know (but I can't see exactly how is it going - I'm not playing there, just watching streams, reading forums and databases, etc.). There are many points they shouldn't touch and I agree with you here. But I can see good things coming. Unfortunately 6.0 mistakes don't make me happier with 5.8. IMO, the ideal would be a simultaneous update and open test server. Opened information for everyone. This way we could give them feedback. Anyway 6.0 will come someday and we need be ready for good and bad things. In addition, just the fact we live aion in past (always older patches from from korea) is enough to make our experience different cause we know our future. For me this is not a good thing for many reasons I will not point now.
  6. Satisfaction survey

    I think people want 6.0 because they have hope on changes. Hope for a better Aion. We know that 6.0 just deleted 90% of 5.0 and expansions. No one wants to waste time with sth will be removed soon. It's important to say this poll not only ask about 6.0, but about management too. Atm 86% (23 votes) are not satisfied with Aion. This is worrying.
  7. Satisfaction survey

    My friend and I was talking about it yesterday
  8. Satisfaction survey

    Please, share this poll with your friends.
  9. Are Kaisinel's Sets useless from this version ?

    Well, if you already have the set use it to get some better. You can trade to another toon/alt and use it for same reason.
  10. UI and localization Issues Reporting

    I'm sad to say I reported this issue March 21, 2017 22:09 by ticket and they answered me to post through Aion NA Forums - Suggestion Box (Old forum). And happy to know they fixed it after a long time. Btw, I wanna know why does forum have more power than tickets?
  11. UI and localization Issues Reporting

    The songweaver's skill "Impassion" has in your description 150% of Magic Boost, there is no % in this ability.

    Fun fact: some people was organizing alliances to kill Auronos (drop: Provenance weapon) 3-4 times/week until the first Kromede's Revenge Event arrives (http://na.aiononline.com/en/news/events/02152017-kromedes-revenge-event.php - Posted 02/14/2017 by Cyan). After this I have never seen an alliance being formed. As @5s25C407-DN told (in another situation): "cut out of content" by NCSoft. So smart, but no.

    Well, I play this game since 2.1. I know what i'm talking about. I was deputy from 2 big legions and I run a lot of instances just to do it, farm, helped my legion (really looooot of times doing it), whatever. Everything with my friends. At a certain moment we ran TSH and we used to pass items to those who needed it, this is the best example I was running the instance for fun. It was fun for a certain time. I didnt feel frustated any moment. Not for what I did. And any momment I was playing for others, was playing for me, naturally funny. But we need goals every new cap and if this goals are given for free they stop being it. Not only for me. Just do for doing can be fun for a while, not forever, if you have some goal there it can be fun. I already did everything in game: played with houses,craft, skins, intances, sieges, all I wanted. And this game need players. If everything its ok why are Aion losing players? Games are made for players. If players are satisfied game owners/adms will profit.
  14. Housing Scripts - bugged???

  15. Housign Scripts still bugged