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  1. HAHAHAHA this company is hilarious Everyday I'm more and more sure that they put their worst trainees to take care of Aion
  2. Retail is P2W nowadays yes. But it wasn't P2W for a pretty decent time after it went F2P. For a long time I remember shop selling stuff that could make one's life easier yes, but not gamebreaking stuff. Also mostly stuff you could also get ingame, but with a little more effort and time. Few things that come to mind now were courrier passes, resset scrolls and tradeable kahrun symbol boxes. And ofc cosmetics and event items that could be sold to free players. Thats just an example. Aion is a game thats too old already with a community thats lowering everyday. Classic server kicked
  3. Quite the opposite. If we're paying, then the game should be improved. And I dont even mean actually improving, but just fixing the broken stuff or at least talking about it.
  4. If they can't fix basic stuff like sieges, nor can properly communicate with the customers, then they shouldn't even be charging for a sub. Paying for sub makes you assume you're going to have propper support AT LEAST.
  5. The reason someone pays for a sub is mainly to have propper support, which clearly is not what happens around. When I started playing classic I was hoping to see bugs geting fixed faster, CM's being more active on forums, stuff like that. But this server works pretty much the same way as retail. Then yeah, why not go F2P already?
  6. Absolutely agree to all. But lets be realistic here: it won't happen. It didn't happen when the population of the game was higher, with more than 1 live server. It won't happen now. At this point they just don't give a damn about Aion, and just won't shut down the game because there are still a few losers around. I bet thats how they see the customers. Because its clearly how they act with us.
  7. But Rag, you didn't answer the most important question here: Are you sure you want to acquite this item?
  8. Yeah, I don't plan on buying aura as the US dollar is too expensive in my country right now. Therefore, once I get to lvl 50, I'm pretty sure I'll just quit this shit for good. Thanks NC, for being a such a rubbish company.
  9. I only got the first chest, even though I completed most of the missions of the event. I thought about sending a support ticket but at some point I just stopped caring. Thanks to the company this game is only geting worse every day and thats really sad.
  10. This is by far the worst anniversary event of all time
  11. Yeah, at least quest items should be allowed to loot without the Aura. What I do is do hunt quests and crafting when I'm out of Aura. Hey NC, have some love to the casual players please
  12. I would love that we could have a few days of free Aura. Idk, maybe a few hours during weekends, or during some holidays. I've been playing Classic casually for free cause since I don't have the time to be a hardcore player anymore, I don't think its worth paying. It would be awesome to have more than just an hour for that. I think that could encourage more casual players to join the game too.
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