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  1. I figured out the Standard-FastTrack logic when I was running around desperately trying to find that growth quest lol. Thank you so much for your insight, this makes much more sense. I figured that it had a level limit. + when i discovered that edandos gave out free wings, she instantly became waifu
  2. Hi, so I have been able to obtain the special HP and MP potions, 50% exp amulet, and black cloud wings for two of my alt Asmodians after level 35, which I believe is when the black cloud wings are awarded. However on my MC Asmodian who is level 38, that "quest" is gone completely from the quest giver and I have not been able to obtain that reward like I have with my other two Asmodians. Did I miss it because I am just a few levels over 35?? I hope not. Has anyone else had this problem? Or are the growth quests over? I haven't tested it with any of my other characters (besides my level 39 Elyos
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